Very sad Odin battle

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Ok, so I get to the point in the game where you have the wonderful opportunity to fight Odin.  And after dieing 4 times within 5 or 6 minutes I realized something is wrong.  So I understand you can A. heal to fill the bar aor B. do a lot of damage.  But I seem not to be strong enough to stand ONE(!!!!) of his combos so that I can heal myself.  I am obviously using Hope and Lightning, Hope having 475 HP (used as team medic) and Lightning around 560 HP and 115 Strength with LV 7 weapon. (starting weapon)
Am I missing something or am I incredibly weak and you are laughing at me for even trying it with these stats?
EDIT: I have tried some accessories, kept trying  and have fought him 23 times. 

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Duel ravager. His info says he yields to those with highs chains. That ramps up his meter very fast. 

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@The_Laughing_Man:  I'm assuming my stats are "ok" then?
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i think i did commando and ravager. commando sustains the meter while ravger boosts it. i dunno that was like 30 hours ago lol
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@ReaperOfLiving said:
" @The_Laughing_Man:  I'm assuming my stats are "ok" then? "
I can not recall what I got him with. But if you are gettin taken out with one combo your very under powered. 
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@TotalEklypse said:
" i think i did commando and ravager. commando sustains the meter while ravger boosts it. i dunno that was like 30 hours ago lol "
The meter you need to get up doesn't go down. So why sustain it?
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shit your right i forgot it was the gesault meter. never mind. dont mind me just had a long ass day at work. yea just ravager his ass then. some reason i was thinking stagger. blah o well.    
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This fight is VERY hard.  I finally completed it on like my tenth try by using potions until he finally stopped interrupting both characters with spam attacks.  I switched to heal/ravager and as long as he concentrated fire on the ravager I was okay, but i would have to switch roles if he switched targets.  When he put his shield up I would quickly dance into ravager/ravager to get the extra hits in.   
If he won't split your team up and just spam attacks both your team members, you're basically fucked.  You just have to keep trying until you get lucky.  He will interrupt all your heal animations so med/med won't work - you have to use potions.

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IIRC you need to switch Hope to Synergist to get some buffs on you right away, should mitigate a good chunk of the damage you're taking.

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At first get buffs on yourself. When he puts up his shield go both ravager.  
If you have and shrouds and need them use em. It only took me two tries to take him out. The first time I sneezed and my chair flipped. 

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Best thing to do is heal while he's attacking, and nuke him when he throws his shield up.  The amount of damage you do to him is inconsequential so long as your constantly hitting him with magic attacks.

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you should have found two rings reducing the lightning damage you take by 20% or so, use them.
I know i used an item like that and it made the fight alot easier, but havn't played it since christmas so can't remember exactly how i did to beat him

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Go into the fight with aerosol up.  That should help you handle his initial barrage of combos handily.  From that point on, switch between Com/Rav as a default, Com/Med when you need to heal, and Rav/Rav when he puts up Ulier's shield.

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I got it on my first try. Basically because I found a power leveling spot (or just very lucky). Anyways, your best chance is to have the symbiosis paradigm when the battle starts. That way Hope can cast Protect and Shell on both of you. After that, switch to War & Peace so Hope can heal and Lightning can bust the combos. When Odin uses his special power, something to do with his shield, switch to Dualcasting and bring his chain gauge up. After that you should be able to get him into the Gestalt mode.

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Healing hope will fill the bar up as well yes, though not as fast as comboing him.
I find, as per the story, that he prefers to attack Hope.  I start with hope throwing out buffs, and I actually have Lightning switch to medic to heal him.  When health is full, I go dual-ravager, and when hope gets low I go Ravager/Medic (light/hope) respectively.  Hope is often unable to get heals off on himself in time if he is being chained heavily by Odin, so this method keeps him up better and fills up his gestalt gauge a little from light's heals as well.  You don't have to worry so much about keeping his stagger bar up so it's not quite as necessary to use a commando here.

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Synergist/Healer (Open with this)
Heal/Heal (Use this during a combo)
Rav/Rav (When he guards)

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when in doubt. use buffs before the fight.

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i used commando/heal, then when Hope dies i use pheonix down (he seemed to just attack Hope relentlessly) and when he guards i Rav/Rav. At first i didn't even know that healing raises his gastault meter since when i Libra'd him it only showed that combo's(?) raise his gastault

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This one is easy enough to do.  I just set dual medics when he's attacking, then when he blocks go for dual ravager or the commando/ravager combo.

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Yeah you should have come across two Spark Rings that start at 20% Lightning Resist. Upgrade those things all the way till they are either 28% or 30% resist. This will help the battle.

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Believe me, I had none of my weapons upgraded and I managed to get rid of him with just a Rav Rav combination. Ravagers are meant for increasing the limit of the Chain Gauge, while Commandos simply make sure that the limit doesn't reset while dealing damage. And since the meter you need to fill doesn't go down, you won't really need a Commando. Whip out the Dualcasting paradigm and when someone's low on health go into Rav Med. The Rav will keep getting the chain up while the Med heals. 
If you think this one is tough, just wait until some others fights...

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-2 spark ring before the combat 
-have your party start the combat as Ravager + Synergist 
-once both character are protected change up to Ravager+ Medic 
-if Odin is using his shield and not attacking AND if you are at full health, you can use Ravager + Ravager to speed up things but revert to Ravager + Medic as soo as he starts hitting you. 
that strategy got be to beat Odin pretty easily or at least get far enough to see that is was the correct way to go (might take 2 or 3 tries)

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I spent up one of the shrouds so I started out the fight with all the protection buffs. Use The war and peace so hope can keep up the heals and then whenever he uses his little shield move switch to 2 ravagers to drive up the combo. Good luck brotha!

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Pro tip: Start with Commando and Ravager and do one attack. Once that happens switch to dual Ravager and rape. Commando slows down the gauge from emptying quickly.

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