Will i like ff13 if?

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I hated ff10 ff8,  i love ff7 and 9 and 6 . 12  
with them do u think il like it?

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It's more like 10 than 7, 9, 6 or 12.
It all depends how much you can live with less freedom than you'd be used to.

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Hard to tell...but I'm just going to say no.
Rent it first.

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I think (and this extends to everybody who posts threads in the "will I like Final Fantasy XIII" vein) you should rent the game and play the first 8-10 hours. If you're enjoying it, then buy a copy. If you're not, then send it back safe in the knowledge that you've not wasted £40/$60. 

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Depends on if your hatred of X was mostly predicated on the linearity (which XIII has a lot of for the first 10 Chapters of the game), or something else. Ultimately, you're the only one who can make the decision, however.

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Probably not.,

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No. It doesn't matter which other FInal Fantasys you liked since this game is total garbage.

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Probably not, you might like the cast a bit since that's where it's heavily focused on, the question you have to ask yourself is that how much more will you hate FFX if they take out all the towns and npcs, and replace them with 60 monster hunting from FF12?

It's a really linear game where there are nothing much to experience and learn other than the characters drama, which are from cutscenes you trigger from the end of every linear path you run down, the rest are pretty much all fighting, your enjoyment with the game rely heavily on how much you love that particular combat system. The only thing that could break down the tedium is the datalog, which isn't really that huge either.

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The same team that made FF10 made FF13 right?

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@JJOR64: Yes, the 2 share many many many many similarities. 
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Honestly, this combat system is the best I've ever played. I base my love for this game on the combat system because there is SO MUCH character development in terms of stats and weapons and accessories that you feel like you're always growing in the game. I realize that that's what RPGs go for, but the battle system in FFXIII really redefines that synergy. SYNERGY GET IT LIKE SYNERGIST 
But really, I just beat the game at 79 hours. The first 30 hours of mine were pretty linear, but I didn't mind it. It's not like a big departure from the other FF's anyway, jeez I don't know why people get worked up about the "linearity". It's not lke FFVII, VIII, IX, and X were open world games like Fallout 3 or Oblivion. You always had somewhere you needed to go. The world map just gives the illusion of having freedom.

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It's because the variety from the previous FFs broke the tedium down, I could see people enjoying this, but the experience just isn't the same for some people. In the previous FFs, you have towns, NPCs, who you run into and talk to to learn about the world, some of these elements were even in the light novel they've released on their JP website, where certain characters talk to random strangers in town, learn about the town, cocoon, and pulse, and some of their culture, they even get to travel across the map on a train.  The sense of adventure while I won't say doesn't exist, is lacking in this particular FF, FFX suffered from linearity but there were other things to break it down, you have these tiny secrets you can find, there are some minigames, you talk to villagers to learn about new things, it's an illusion of freedom.

None of these are well presented in the game, and a lot are in the datalog, the rest of the game which you get to experience were nothing but fighting on linear maps, it fits well with the theme of the game but it is not hard to understand why people would find it tedious if the combat system doesn't hook them, or that they don't like the particular cutscenes and scenarios. They don't really want an open sandbox, it is not just the linearity that they're getting worked up on, but the thing they notice the most.

It's just the matter of taste, and OP had a history of not liking certain FFs, it's hard to tell whether he'll like this or not, but he seems to dislike FFX, which were written by similar scenario writers. 

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There are two teams making the game, if you like the other team who makes those other final fantasy games, your not going to like FFXIII at all imo.

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If you like condoms you will like FFXIII

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I've played all the FFs you mentioned as well as XIII. I say rent it first, which is what I did. I got around 25 hours through that rental copy and I decided it was worth a purchase. It is definitely similar to FF10, but the battle system is way more insane. It is more challenging than most FF games and way more fast paced. Take note though, it is very true that you have to play for several hours before the scope of combat is all introduced and given to you. The story is not bad, and the characters are actually quite interesting. The focus in this game is the characters individually. To me, the FF characters for this game are way more understandable and human. Some characters dislike each other, etc. Some have done some ambiguous moral choices. It is still FF so they'll all gather up all motivated and save the world in some way. Seeing them interact though is a great experience. Something ties all these characters together also in a similar way the show "Lost" which is a nice touch. The lack of towns and shops may seem off-putting, but the story kinda implies that these characters have no time to do that. Save points act as vending machines/shops where you can customize weapons and armor as well as buy healing items. You cannot talk to NPCs at all, though they will still talk amongst each other in the background. I say go try it first before dismissing liking it or not. I honestly thought I would hate the game. But after a few hours, I got into it.
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@defaulttag said:
" @oliver: Some characters dislike each other, etc. "
No lie this is probably my favorite part of the game. I enjoy how it strays greatly from the "merry band of heroes off to save the world" and instead focuses upon their relationships. I (obviously) won't mention anything specifically but there is a lot of cool character interaction and how large portions of the game the main cast is split up. I am glad they went that route personally but I can understand why some people would just want the freedom Pulse gives from the start, for me though I did like 2 missions in Pulse and said fuck it and went straight back to the story since that is one of the driving forces of the game for me.
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@Lambert said:
" No. It doesn't matter which other FInal Fantasys you liked since this game is total garbage. "
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hmmm i hateed 10 cos they got rid of the wolrd map

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