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HELL YEA this game totally is SHITTY!!!!!!!!! this game was the exact opposite of what i expect from a final fantasy game i mean there is really no mini game what so ever unless you want to count this 10 second gameplay experance where you ride a big machine and kill a few robots, now this game had great CG cut scenes i mean wow on standard def and 1080p there is not much of a differance to see and the game graffix are great really well done and the scenery is great...on grand pulse...otherwise your going threw levels that have 0 exploration just a few dead end paths the ALWAYS have a chest at the end, so yea, also the levels were made with almost no imagination (*COUGH* all chapters before chapter 11 sucks with the well level design) they almost looked like professionals made the objects then a 5 year old came in and put the level together like licon logs i swear this lv that was called uhhh i think the bio forest or something like that was just a left then a S turn then a left then up a elevator...repete...maby they switched it up a little and put in a right...idk it was so lame 
ok now to the JUST good parts i think i just mentioned how crappy the level design was so now lets talk about the battle system ok now this is fast paced and all around cool at first its a little confusing cuz you only control 1 character at a time but quickly becomes second nature and very simple but theres no real eye candy in the battles until the 8th or 9th chapter when you can take fights to the air...until then its just like old final fantasy...oh yea :) 
now what this game needs more of...how about a huge open world and a damn airship to explore it with, ok there are chocobos in this game however you cant keep them...feed them...or force them to breed :( so how about all of that...now how about something like the GOLDEN SAUCER i swear you spend hours upon hours of playing arcade games, racing chocobos, and well a lot of stuff in there in ff7, but oh yea like i mentioned before there is no towns, or mini games so yea....epci fail 
now all and all this game is a steamer its going to do REALLY WELL because of the final fantasy name as for the game its self ugh no its  horrible now after this they need to remake ff7 with this battle system just because oh the shittyness of this game all and all i am only finishing final fantasy because i am a achievement WHORE!!! otherwise i would not play another second of this game... :(

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