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Final Fantasy 13: My first review

FInal Fantasy..whats not to like. Every single game is a stand alone experince, with great graphics, lovavble characters...its almost perfect..so lets talk about it shall we?

Presentaion: Like all Final fantasy games, this one lives up to its name with stunning graphics, and sounds. Though the game probaly isnt as good as say final fantasy 10 (not saying its a bad game) it just doesnt have the same vibe as the older ones, and that kinda pulls away from the god that is Final Fantasy.
Probaly the first thing youll notice is how detailed everything is, Square did a great job with this and it just sets the standards for other games by them.. They put a lot of energy into this game, and it just makes the game way better and that is a huge plus, this becomes more clear when you find out the lipsyncs are redone to match english voices. Vvoice acting is great, cept vanille's perky voice my get a bit irratiating.  Music isnt as memorable, but it still adds to the games awesomness. 

(Graphics:Breath-taking visuals, great detail)
(Sound: Music is kinda lacking, and not as good as past games, but it still adds to the games epicness)

Gameplay: A new combat system will have you trying new things, while new upgrade system will have you editing for often. The new combat system has you play as the party leader only, and if you die,well, you die and the battle is over, good thing is it doesnt make you load the game and you can start before the battle started.  The new rating system will have you pressing hard to earn full stars with every fight.
Minus a EXP bar, you get stuff called CP points, which allow you to level up fighting styles (Expample: Healer) which in turn give you new spells, powers, and abilities.

Fans of the older games might have a bit of a problem with the linear bits and when i say that i mean the game is extremly linear and pulls away from the past games, but the game does open up around chapter 11, but if your willing to live with that youll have tons of fun with this game.


+Great Graphics and sounds
+Loving characters
+Combat System

-Linear gameplay (up til around chapter 11)
-Not as emerisve as past games
-Shorter story

All in all, final fantasy 13 is a great game,  and must buy for fans of the series. Just dont expect it to be the best of the Final Fantasy series

If you like this please folow me and let me know what game you want me to review next :D
sorry if it isnt the best...    

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