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Final Fantasy XIII 0

The story of Final Fantasy XIII takes place in the world of Gran Pulse on the futuristic sky utopia Cocoon. A purge led by PSICOM is beginning in the city of Bodham in response to one of the residents coming into contact with a fal'Cie named Anima-a being from outside Cocoon and a Pulsian. Lightning discovers that her sister Serah is the resident who was branded by Anima and she is becoming a l'Cie. While she and Sazh attempt to rescue her, Snow leads his resistance group NORA during the purge i...

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Pleasantly Surprised 0

I finally pulled the trigger on buying Final Fantasy XIII because I found it on sale for 19.99 new.  I went in with low hopes mostly due to the reviews and comments I have read online.  Other than being the most gorgeous game on the 360 to date it was also one of the most polished.  This is one of, if not the most linear final fantasy game but the story is good enough to hold it up.  If you are a fan of Final Fantasy 7 or 8 you should be a fan of this story.  I found many similarities of these c...

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The next step in the Final Fantasy series 0

Its not like any other Final Fantasy game that I have played, and maybe that’s a good thing. It took me a little over 57 hours to beat FFXIII, and looking back I have to say that I enjoyed my time playing the game. Its far from the best FF game I played, but its still a quality title and I feel the natural progression of what Final Fantasy has come to become. Not really a role-playing game, but an interactive story.Game play: If you take the game, not really as an RPG (or even JRPG), but as an i...

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Disapointing 0

I don't want to talk about this game.....Fine.This game is linear... really linear, almost literally the entire game is in a hallway. Connected by more hallways. Aside from this point, I don't think that's where the games interesting aspects lie. Hear me out.Mechanics :The battle system is extremely chaotic at first glance. It's essentially an anime meter management sim. However it sure feels good when you manage those meters well. The battle system is almost completely automated, you have 6 ch...

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A huge disappointment for the Final Fantasy series 0

Pros:-Great graphicsCons:-Boring and bland storyline and characters-Rediculously weak and unispired combat system-Some annoying voice actors-Repetitive and dull linear gameplayThere is no good way to put this, so let's just be blunt. Final Fantasy 13 is a complete letdown, it is bland and soulless, it lacks everything that made Final Fantasy great. It is as if all of SquareEnix's talent was thrown out the window. There is no excuse, when it comes to Final Fantasy you expect something legendary, ...

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Because it's 2013, of course. 0

Fal'Cies serve as the supernatural workers of Final Fantasy XIII's world, demigods that shelter humanity in a sphere-shaped structure called Cocoon. There they nurture the citizens' every need, cradling them in the sky above the feared and wild earth below known as Pulse. But as Final Fantasy XIII begins, that floating paradise is being dismantled. A foreign Fal'Cie from Pulse has found its way inside, erupting a panic between a fleeing civilian resistance and military groups attempting to "purg...

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Fun combat and gorgeous visuals save FF13 from total disaster. 0

I really tried to give Square-Enix the benefit of the doubt with FF13, knowing full well the complaints that have been lobbed its way. It's hard not to respect the talent and resources that go into colossal games like this, but unfortunately I think there's just a fundamental taste level that's hard to bridge between Japanese and Western RPG designers. Most gamers come to RPGs for great storytelling, exploration, leveling and combat mechanics. FF13 delivers on the combat front, with a thoughtful...

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Tradition and Innovation 0

 I have been waiting for Final Fantasy XIII since Square Enix released the first trailer for the game in early 2006.   Four years of salivatory anticipation put my expectations for Final Fantasy XIII through the roof—after all, this game is the reason I originally ponied up for a Playstation 3.   After all this time, can the game possibly live up to my expectations? Oh my, yes.    Final Fantasy XIII contains the perfect mixture of familiar and brand new that every successful game in the series...

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You've Been Cheated 0

 Originally posted on my blog   In their last show as a band, the Sex Pistols played one song and left the stage. Before leaving the stage, Johnny Rotten quipped, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” The thing is, I don’t feel this way for the reasons everyone else might think I might. I suppose we’ll go after the biggest point of contention first. Linearity “Final Fantasy XIII is  The Worst Final Fantasy Ever (TM) because all the dungeons are straight lines and there are no towns.” Guess...

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A wonderfully crafted character-driven experience. 0

 Final Fantasy XIII is the latest installment of the 22 year-long series known as Final Fantasy. The game received a boatload of hype at E3 and around the net. Until the day it was released, the question lingered; will Final Fantasy XIII be any good? My answer is yes. Final Fantasy XIIII is a wonderfully crafted game. Don't let those purists bring you down. I've been a fan of Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy VII came out. I'm not one of the fans who scream that it is the best title in the se...

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Unlucky Thirteen 0

Call it the curse of the number thirteen. I swear, it's got to do with this game having that number in its title. It is inconceivable otherwise that the Final Fantasy series, known for producing consistently high quality games, could give us something that is so fundamentally broken and wrong on so many levels. Final Fantasy XIII has a massive task upon its hands. Arriving in an era when western RPG's are increasingly becoming the norm, a time when the clichéd settings and typecas...

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100 Hrs Fantasy 13 0

Imma make It Quick FF13 is a good game when it finally let you branch out but a til the you gotta goto thru serval hours 20+ of  learning the game, the battle system go pretty deep when you get the hang of it, the graphic are amazing i recommend the ps3 over 360 cause of load time,graphic and disc ...

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Restructured 0

FFXIII is not a terrible game, but it's definitely not great and it's not for everyone. I came into it with high hopes and I was disappointed by the story and structure and pleasantly surprised by combat, art, sound and graphics. I also do like the characters, at their best. I feel like they're not bad characters, they were just terribly written.  The game is structured like an action game, i.e. it's a series of tunnels filled with combat and cutscenes. For some odd reason the different location...

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Exactly What You Think it is 0

The best and worst thing this game has going for it is that it is exactly the game you think it is. It is a Japanese RPG fully rooted in the traditions and styles of the Jrpg's from the 1990's. You have effeminate male characters, angst driven teens, the "old" man who must be in his 30's and a winding incomprehensible story; mixed with frustrating difficulty curves.   The game played for me was a slight nostalgia effort. On the one hand, running through the tried and true jrpg formula was fun, b...

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A deep, satisfying role-playing game backed by a thrilling story 0

 I'm gonna be honest with ya: for the first few hours, I wasn't really likin' Final Fantasy XIII. The story wasn't grabbing me, I wasn't really caring about the characters, the gameplay wasn't terribly engaging, and, worst of all, it just wasn't much fun. But then, after a few hours of enduring that, the game clicked. Everything just started coming together: the story had picked up and had gotten me hooked, the characters had become more interesting, the gameplay was engaging, and, most i...

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Final Fantasy XIII is a love it or hate it game 0

  Final Fantasy is considered by some to be the pinnacle of the RPG genre.   After all, some believe it was this franchise that put the genre on the map and it was a certain popular edition of the series that made me fall in love with the Role-Playing genre. Over the years, we have seen numerous spin-offs and main editions from this renowned series and now in its thirteenth edition; does the series still have what it takes to fight among other big hitters that have come from the West and East...

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Final Fantasy review 2

I traded in three games in order to purchase Final Fantasy and honestly i wish i could get those games back. The cut scenes and graphics throughout the game are incredible but the combat could be a lot better than it is ! The combat is very boring and i was very disappointed by this game for all the hype it was given. ...

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A Slow Burn, But Worth It 0

You can pretty much cover the biggest pros and cons of this game with one sentence; It doesn't start getting good until about 10 hours in. It takes forever to open up all the RPG elements like weapon upgrading and customized teams. You don't even level up until a good 4- hours in. But once the game does open up at chapter 11, it's flippin' awesome. The subtle battle strategy elements become apparent and enemies get much harder to defeat. Some enemies require careful pre-battle adjustments to you...

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Too linear for it's own good. 0

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since it first started a long while ago on the old NES system. In Final Fantasy (the original) the game mechanics were rather simple but it was still quite ahead of its time for the amount it allowed you to do. You could travel around on a map, use different vehicles, and complete quests which awarded you a plethora of weaponry and items. Not only this, but there was quite a variety of character development choices. You gained experience for killing enemi...

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Final Fantasy Couture 0

I thought it wasn't a very good game. The BoyBand fashion aesthetic and dialogue were silly. They should have spent less time on hairdos and more time on addictive gameplay. I disliked the streamlined battles and fussy upgrade system. I'm all for fast pacing and I think it can be done successfully, but eliminating too many tactical decisions amounts to a dull game. also, I think developers can strike a balance between open worlds and the fixed hallway progression. For example, half life 2 was ex...

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Another year of development and it would have been perfect 0

Let me come right out of the gate by saying that every RPG fan owes it to themselves to play this game.  While some may walk away feeling that FF XIII is not their cup of tea, Square-Enix has done an impressive job of evolving many elements of the RPG formula.  Since there are simply too many points worth noting, I'll approach this review in the bullet-pointed Kotaku style:   What I Liked: The music - Masashi Hamauzu has truly outdone himself and composed what I believe to be one of, if not the ...

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Change is Good 0

Just like the last version released (Final Fantasy XII), I seem to be the only person I know who is completely satisfied with the latest version of Final Fantasy on the market.   Both versions are departures from the "core" Final Fantasy experience.  And yet, to me, they both managed to take things that I have enjoyed from Final Fantasy, and emphasize them, while diminishing things that I didn't enjoy or grew tired of.    Specifically, Final Fantasy XIII really fits MY playstyle when it comes to...

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Good game 0

There are highs and lows to this game. Graphically, it is wonderful and presented well. The soundtrack is very nice too.  These two components helped to present a nice story. I enjoyed the new gameplay system though I think it could have used some improvements or changes, particularly in the way the AI reacted to certain situations- this is important seeing as you only had direct control over the party leader and what "class" your party was in. It would have been convenient if  the player was ab...

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Who are you trying to save, in a world without a soul? 1

Who are you trying to save, in a world without a soul? This was the question I asked myself repeatedly, while I played through Final Fantasy 13. Final Fantasy 13 is the latest single player game in the series by Square-Enix. It offers a more streamline experience from past entries in the series, however, more often than not, this streamlining is harmful. The game hits the usual high marks for graphics, in certain areas, but stumbles with story and controls.I don't want to wait for our lives to b...

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FF series is going down .....too fast .. 1

For years I have hated the series and for years I have wasted my money buying some of its highly acclaimed entries .For more than 10 years , I have been trying to convince people how the game sucks and how stupid the main idea behind it is .Even the graphics in this game sucks , to say nothing about the stupid animation , characters' designs and missions concept is just stupid .Avoid at all cost . ...

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The Turbo Final Fantasy 0

  I love the Final Fantasy series, so when I realized a new installment was going to be released, I looked forward to having another game to add to my collection.   Unfortunately, this game is my least favorite Final Fantasy game to date.   Even though the graphics were amazing (XIII contained the best graphics of any Final Fantasy to date), the game was governed by a weak battle system and the game can be considered “one big hallway.”      So here’s the breakdown:     Story:  Final Fantasy ...

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The Hallway 0

The game is just not fun. Most of the time you aren't even playing the game. Seriously. Most of the time you are listening to the characters talk to each other or watching some kind of cinema scene. Cinema scenes are awesome, but when I put in a game I want to play it, not watch it the entire time. When you actually are playing the game, you only "control" one character, and by control I mean you select "auto combat" option every time it's your character's turn. The rest of the time you are list...

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Final Fantasy XIII: A Conflicted Mess 0

   When reviewing Final Fantasy XIII I can't help but measure it against Final Fantasy X, Yoshinori Kitase and his development team's last venture with Square-Enix's flagship series. There are a lot of similarities to be made between the two games; thematically, similar leveling systems, in art direction, and their distinctly linear progression. Beyond that though, they are two radically different games. With each iteration in the series, the formula is improved upon, either exceeding the highes...

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Final Fantasy XIII Review 0

The latest and probably one of the final Final Fantasies can be found on both the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360. I decided since the majority of my collection resides on the Sony platform that I would continue to follow that trend, and on the plus side it gave me something other than Blu-Rays to play on that system. Anyways you will be playing the part of multiple different characters at different parts of the game. The overall story going along the lines of two societies going at each other, c...

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