Chapter 0: Mirabelle's Arrival in Ul'dah - One FFXIV Character's Journal

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This is something I'm trying, a journal from the viewpoint of my character during her explorations in Final Fantasy XIV. If reception seems to be poor, I won't bother to do another. Note that I took a few creative liberties here and there with what actually happens in-game and what my character experiences.


Hi! I'm Mirabelle!
Hi! I'm Mirabelle!

Hello to whoever may be reading this! I’ve decided to keep a journal of my new adventures out into the world of Eorzea. Living in my small village wasn’t enough for me anymore, so I decided to hop on a traveling wagon and head for the city of Ul’dah. After saying goodbye to my family, I gathered my small amount of gil and belongings and climbed aboard the wagon—with a little help from the grizzled Hyur man already inside—and waved goodbye as we slowly made our way down the path. I thought I would feel sad, but truth be told, I was actually excited. Finally, I would get to see the wonders of the realm that I had only heard about from those few travelers who made their way to our humble village!

For the most part, the ride was uneventful. The man who had helped me fell asleep almost immediately and the other pair along for the ride didn’t seem to want to talk. I spent most of the trip with my head stuck out over the wagon, gasping and smiling at the various sights. I knew I wasn’t seeing much, sticking to path like that, but it was still unlike anything I had ever seen. Other travelers occasionally passed us by, a wide variety of races that I had never seen up close before. A few of them were even riding chocobos! I ached to reach out and touch one as they passed, but I didn’t want to offend anyone.

When the city was just coming into sight, the man finally woke up with a loud yawn. He grinned at me when he noticed me watching him. I blushed nervously until he laughed and introduced himself as Brendt. I told him my name and said it was nice to meet him. We heard loud voices suddenly, coming from some passing guards. They checked our supplies and started to get very angry at my new friend, saying he had illegal materials in the wagon. I tried not to panic as they talked about fines—I didn’t have enough gil to give away! Just then, an arrow struck the floor of the wagon, startling everyone. I peered out over the wagon and saw strange beast men, huge (especially compared to me!) with thick black hides. The guard cursed under his breath and sprinted into combat, shouting at the wagon driver to head towards the city. I watched in fear as the guards fought the giant creatures until the wagon turned a corner in the path and I couldn’t see them anymore.

Brendt must have seen me trembling because he asked if I was alright. I took some deep breaths and nodded. “What were those things,” I asked. He told me they were called “Amalj’aa,” a form of wildkin that was causing tremendous grief to those in Ul’dah. He took this opportunity to ask where I had come from and where I was going. I told him a little about my village, and my hopes of becoming a great adventurer and exploring the land I found so fascinating. He smiled knowingly and told me how he had done the same at a younger age. I asked him if I could find work in Ul’dah, and he replied with “Plenty, if you’re willing to do some things others won’t.” Kindly, he also gave me a brief history of the city and a description of what I could expect to find within. With a chuckle, he also added that I would still be surprised by just how vast it was.

The gates of Ul'dah
The gates of Ul'dah

My head spun with the possibilities. How would I possibly figure out what to do? Brendt seemed to notice I looked quite lost, so he noted that I should visit the Quicksand first. It was a quality inn with fair prices, and the proprietor, a fellow Lallafell named Momodi, was very kind and welcoming to new adventurers. She could set me up with a room, some food, and maybe even a few pointers on where to first acquire work. I wanted to hug this strange man for helping a random Lalafell like me, but I wasn’t sure how he would respond. Instead, I took his hand and shook it vigorously. This made him laugh quite hard, accepting my repeated thanks with grace. I couldn’t help but like him.

We pulled into the front gate and everyone hopped out. I gaped at the vast city that stretched before me, walls that stood hundreds of yalms tall and throngs of people making their way about their business. The pair had already vanished, but Brendt stayed behind a second and pointed me in the direction of the Quicksand. I thanked him again, and he told me where to find him in the city if I needed anything else. I won’t lie; I was nervous when we parted ways. However, I knew that I needed to do things on my own. I did my best to stay out of everyone’s way, especially those giant Ro men and women, and made my way up the nearby stairs and into the Quicksand.

The Quicksand
The Quicksand

The Quicksand was filled with a wide variety of people from all races, all talking with one another to form a cacophony that I could barely hear myself think in. I could smell tasty delicacies cooking behind one of the far doors, and my stomach growled in appreciation. I slowly made my way through the crowds and over to the front desk. A Lallafell who I assumed to be Momodi was there, talking with some Hyur. I waited patiently for them to finish and approached the tall counter. I heard a voice say, “Go ahead and hop up on one of those stools, honey.” I jumped up and was face-to-face with Momodi. She smiled at me and gestured in a warm, welcoming manner. “Always nice to see a fellow Lallafell. I’m Momodi, owner of the fabulous Quicksand.”

I introduced myself and she promptly shook my hand. “You’re a new adventurer, I’m guessing? You’ve come to the right place! I run the local Adventurer’s Guild. She slid a large book at me and handed me a quill. “Sign your name here to register. That will let me start getting you some basic work.”

I do as she asks and slide the book back. “I look forward to working with you, Mirabelle. If you ever need any advice, just come ask me—well, as long as it isn’t for something as simple as stubbing your toe! "Course, I do enjoy hearin' a lady muse on the many manhoods of her acquaintance from time to time..."


My face turns bright red. “Just a joke. Well, unless you’re willing to share. Anyways, welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild. What can I do for you tonight?

I told her needed a place to stay, some food, and work. She grinned. “Well, I can help you with the room and food tonight. You look about ready to collapse, so how about we talk about the work tomorrow?”

I thought about it and realized just how tired I was. With a small giggle, I agreed and followed her instructions over to the counter where I was given a delicious bowl of rice and meat—portioned perfectly for someone of my race—and then led up to a rather modest inn room. I handed over the coins required, a fair but surprisingly high number. I slid out of the feeble armor I had, putting my cherished weapon nearby, and hopped up into the bed. The sun was just going down, but I was already exhausted. I snuggled under the covers and passed out in seconds. Too much excitement for one day!

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