EU giantbombers on FFXIV

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#1 Posted by Syndrom (446 posts) -

Hey duders, i was wondering if there were any euro giantbombers playing this game and where do most of you all play?

i'm on shiva, feel free to add me to your friends: Raav Libbre is my char name.

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#2 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

I'm on Moogle, slowly getting my guy up so he can become a fancy Black Mage.

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#3 Edited by laini (198 posts) -

I've got a CJR/WHM on Lich named Laini Weiz.

Heh, popular topic and three EU players on three separate servers.

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#4 Posted by screwed (149 posts) -

Im EU, but play on Ultros since thats where most of GBomb are.

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#5 Posted by SnakeLinkSonic (438 posts) -

If there's a gathering of guys on one of the EU servers, you should definitely set up shop, but you're more than welcome on Ultros. There's people from all around the world in the Company right now. Yeah it does get kind of dead in the wee hours of NA mornings, but there are a few select people who play during that time specifically because they live in Australia, UK, or Sweden. We're more than willing to work around schedules to get any group content you want done (provided you just don't want to use the Duty Finder).

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#6 Posted by fisk0 (6351 posts) -

I just started a character on Ragnarok, but since I haven't gotten very far I may just go create a new one on Ultros.


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