First five days of World Transfer service will be free

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Hello everyone,

Yoshi-P made a post about the upcoming World transfer service a few hours ago. The translation will be available soon but we can already tell you that upon the launch of this service, the first 5 days will be free.

The World transfer service will start in the first half of this month.

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That's awesome! Maybe now I can finally get on Ultros and roll with the rest of you duders

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This is excellent news, i have at least one character i'd like to place on Ultros to hang out with the rest of the bombers.

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Now up on the official site:

Free transfer period will last a week: October 15th - 21st

Seems the only downside is that if you're on a Legacy server (even if you're a brand new player), you're stuck there unless you want to reroll. Also, "characters can only transfer 3 million gil, while retainers can only transfer 1 million gil. Please be aware that excess gil will be lost."

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Don't forget to mention that you can't transfer off a legacy server right now. Still kind of irked about that one.

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