New Patch Notes -- Does it change anything for you

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So some new patch notes pre-launch have been released alongside the new (beautiful) trailer for FFXIV that address many of the concerns people raised during beta.  Does this change anything for you, or are you still as interested/as not interested as you were before? 
I was pretty excited before, even with some of the problems from the beta, but this patch seems to fix every major issue I had with the beta, so I'm even more hotly anticipating it now.  I'll have to buy the Japanese version here without any US digital version available (I think), but it'll be good practice for me I guess.   
Some highlights from the patch notes:  
*Hardware Cursor:  Gamepad isn't strictly necessary anymore, though I'll still be using one probably.
*Guild Leve Cooldown Reduced: People who wanted to solo more than party were running into problems with the guildleve cooldown, so they are reducing it from its current state (so you can do more leves solo essentially) Also a lot more guildleves will be added.
*Notorious Monsters: Giant NMs added to the world, which hopefully will  help populate the world and make for some fun fights.
*Body Targeting Mechanic: Able to target certain parts of monsters to cut them off and (in theory) weaken them.  No idea how this will work in more detail. 
*Mana Regeneration: Seems to be getting some kind of revamp, though they still want MP to be a valuable resource. 
*Updated UI: to go along with the new mouse support, they claim a greatly revised UI forthcoming.   
There's a lot of other stuff, but those were the highlights to me.  What does this change about your opinion?  Too little too late, or SE actually listening to the community and getting things right?

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I wouldn't say it's too little too late, since the game hasn't even come out yet.   They are listening so now it's up to them to actually implement this stuff before retail.

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These updates are pretty awesome, im loving the beta and can not wait for the 22nd. There are problems..but i have never played another mmo paced like this one and i enjoy it.

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I'd like it if Tab would not target me first instead of nearby monsters. 
While fighting multiple enemies I have to press Tab twice after killing each one just to keep fighting. 
It doesn't seem like much but after a while it gets very tedious and annoying. 
Though I hope hardware cursor will ease that up so I can actually target with my mouse.

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