Playing on Japanese servers while you wait for NA

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Hey all!

I recently got back into the game with all this realm reborn nonsense being re-leased and I guess all the NA servers are closed up for character creation and all digital sales not up right now. I wanted to see if anyone else was playing on the Japanese servers while they wait for things to clear up over there on the NA. If anyone is I'm on Atomos as Jahan Durian, look me up! I'm pretty dang new and need some mmo buddies.

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Unfortunately my legacy character is stuck on Gunginr <sp?> just now or id join you, whenever we are allowed to move characters its probably worth us getting together and deciding on an alt specific server.

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Yea definitely, none of my friends are big mmo people, so not much fun digging around myself, I assume with all the confusion and people getting stuck on servers they'd rather not there'd be a chance for a day or two of character transfers then maybe we can figure out a server to hangout in and get dat Gil.

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I'm hanging out on Ultima with a friend until the main giant bomb guild server allows more people.

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Just make a character at not peak times, and stay afk with your toon, thats the only way :D

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My Legacy character is on Gungnir, but I made an alt on Ultros or whatever the hell the name of the server is. I just kept refreshing the server page thing until I was able to get my character on there. I can only play on Ultros around midnight for a few hours because of the "World is currently full" 1017 message.

Starting over is kind of nice but it sucks to not have my mounts on my alt =(

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My legacy is on hyperion, but me and some others have made on Fenrir. JP servers are now full though, as well.

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