FFXIV Shadowbringers: Refer a Duder

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#1 Edited by frankxiv (2599 posts) -

With so many new folks hopping in for Shadowbringers, I thought it would be a good idea to have a nice centralized place for people to post their refer a friend codes, and for new folks to be able to find them.

Codes benefit both people, it's especially beneficial to someone just starting out, because it gives you a 20% xp bonus, 99 free teleports, a fistbump emote, and tokens you can trade for gear!

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It's pretty good gear too! Item level 390 for level 70 characters

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Here's a good format to post your codes in (i don't know if all this information is relevant but it's good to have)

Character name: Dig Douglas
Server: Ultros
Referral Code: **Used**

That's a real one by the way, feel free to snag it. They're one time use, so post when you take one, and the poster can cross it out or put up another or whatever.

To use the code, just head to the mogstation (where you set up your account) and there should be an option there, if you haven't already purchased a subscription.

For more information on the refer a friend system, check out the special site here

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#2 Edited by Slax (1122 posts) -

@frankxiv: Thank you, I've used the code! Here's mine for the next person to use:

Name: Selt'zer Voda

Server: Ultros

Referral Code: **Used** I'll post a new one soon.

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#3 Posted by doctordonkey (1853 posts) -

It should be noted, in case anyone is wondering where to punch in a code, that you cannot use recruit-a-friend codes on free trials, i.e before you have purchased game time. It has to be done during the first month of buying the base game/complete edition, which comes with a free month. Which is weird because the headpiece only provides bonus exp up to 25, and the trial goes to 35.

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#4 Posted by frankxiv (2599 posts) -

@doctordonkey: i believe when this was started, the free trial only went to 14? but still, free teleports are worth it by themselves imo

also, someone might only play one job to 35 on the trial and decide to want to go further, this should work for any job under 25

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#5 Edited by Demoskinos (17460 posts) -
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Name: Musubi Azeyma

Server: Ultros

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#6 Posted by mrflibble (133 posts) -
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Here's a code if anyone wants it.

Name: Page Master

Server: Ultros

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#7 Posted by Wolferey (77 posts) -
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My code if anyone wants it :)
Name: Schrodinger's Catgirl
Server: Jenova (aether datacenter)

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#8 Edited by Thevamp25 (306 posts) -

Name: Rayshe Witherbright

Server: Zalera

Code: taken.

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#9 Posted by tsuk13 (10 posts) -

Name: Tsukasa Aran

Server: Ultros

Code: 32NKFR7C

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#10 Edited by omergd1 (150 posts) -

Name: K'djawana Fhey

Server: Spriggan (Chaos DataCenter)

Code: ZS6FRD5V

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#11 Posted by Zealousadonis (142 posts) -

Name: Vyers Ryndell

Server: Diabolos

Code: 9V7GBGSM

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#12 Posted by agc8602 (52 posts) -

Name: Roli Poli

Server: Ultros

Code: Y8Y387NB

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#13 Posted by xkkzz (56 posts) -
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#14 Edited by SomeguyJohnson (183 posts) -

Name: Hamfast McDuff

Server: Ultros

Code: Used!

Code 2: (please use other codes below first since I've already had a code used :) )

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Posted another code, make sure you use other people's below before coming back to mine!

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#15 Edited by alanm26v5 (557 posts) -

Name: Bendriana Doomhuggles

Server: Ultros


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#17 Posted by Asmo917 (839 posts) -

I just started playing last night on a free trial (PS4) but have really enjoyed it so far and am likely to buy and subscribe. When would I enter one of these codes? When I finally subscribe? Or did I miss the boat?

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#18 Posted by Efesell (4563 posts) -

@asmo917: Enter the code on your Mogstation account before you actually purchase a subscription. Once you've done that it's too late.

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#19 Edited by takayamasama (1550 posts) -

I'll add mine here as well in case any duders are looking to get into XIV.

Name: Taka Yama

Realm: Ultros

Code: GU6GX4XT New code! Have at it up and coming Warriors of Light

Hope you enjoy the game and make sure to reach out to Vinco to get into the Free Company. Rad perks you can take advantage of right at the start of the game, and we have a cool house!

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#20 Posted by Arkayla (1 posts) -

Just joined yesterday but am loving the game so far: Code and details:

Name: Xantorin Ianora

Realm: Ultros


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#22 Posted by ajamafalous (13820 posts) -

Suppose I'll throw mine here too; please let me know if you use it!

Name: Dionisio Parizzi
Realm: Ultros
Code: J923E7U8

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#23 Posted by frankxiv (2599 posts) -

Happy to see this thread back and popping!

In the downtime, a channel has been made on discord for people to share codes as well, if none of the ones here are active still, make sure to check out the #recruit-a-friend channel in the VinCo discord or failing that, just shout for one and someone will be sure to help.

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#24 Posted by Orexis97 (100 posts) -

Good to see this thread back!

Name: Orexis Guile

Realm: Ultros


Please let me know if you use it!

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#25 Posted by DaMoo (88 posts) -

Hey all! Been on FFXIV and in the GB Free Company for awhile, the expansion is great! Here's a code if anyone new would like to use it (and please let me know if you do!):


Character name: Valnoth Noctrel

Server: Ultros

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#26 Edited by ragbag (58 posts) -

Come join us!

Character: Hana Redsteele

Server: Ultros

Code: 84C8S8GB

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#27 Posted by aznxchunky (57 posts) -

Character: Movv Movv

Server: Goblin

Code: 6G42QZ2M

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#28 Posted by NeoCalypso (766 posts) -

Here's this one

Character: Alicia Wil'oh

Server: Ultros

Code: AY7M79A6

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#29 Edited by processr (195 posts) -

Character: Clover Yuzuka

Server: Zodiark

Code: XSC5SMZ2

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#30 Posted by SuperFusion (105 posts) -

Character: Freyia Iasant

Server: Ultros

Code: RNP7Y8D8

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#31 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (446 posts) -

Character: Thlonis Steakeater

Server: Ultros

Code: 3EQFEW2K

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#32 Edited by FLad (7 posts) -

Character: Barin Landstander

Server: Ultros

Code: 3P64HN6S

Code Used.

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#33 Posted by RColl (11 posts) -

Character: Hansi Kursch

Server: Behemoth


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#34 Posted by Casepb (747 posts) -

Character: Gux Caze

Server: Exodus


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#35 Posted by Asmo917 (839 posts) -

@ragbag: Redeemed your second code.

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#36 Edited by Algar (13 posts) -


I took this one, thanks. Still on my free month though.

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#37 Posted by Thevamp25 (306 posts) -
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Name: Rayshe Witherbright

World: Zalera

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#38 Posted by UnInvincible (478 posts) -

Character Name: Susannah Payne

Server: Midgardsormr

Code: NXSG72HK

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#39 Posted by Naoiko (1677 posts) -

Character Name: Naoiko Yumehana

World: Famfrit


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#40 Posted by _Hawke_ (3 posts) -

Character Name: Hawke Noykin

World: Spriggan (new EU Server with the XP Bonus still up)

Code: 7EGH5GCH

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#41 Edited by HasbroDP (61 posts) -

Character Name: Jude Fennmont

World: Odin

Code: TSJ23NA9

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#42 Posted by catgirlsriseup (4 posts) -

Character Name: Maia Ziyal

World: Mateus


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#44 Posted by Hyperion508 (5 posts) -

Character Name: Dagen Cross

World: Leviathan

Code: ZWN4CB5X

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#45 Edited by Vrumpt (7 posts) -

Character Name: Vrumpt Vegallion

World: Famfrit

Code: Edit* - Used

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#46 Edited by Vrumpt (7 posts) -

Edit: 2 more active codes


  • 99AYUXM9

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#47 Posted by Arametha (7 posts) -

Cactuar is quite crowded, but if you're able to get in and want some help, let me know!

Character name: F'whalon Zinbhej

World: Cactuar

Code: 8YDUN9TU

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#48 Edited by Rave (436 posts) -

Character name: Sagramore Flamekissed

World: Siren

Code: Y43QTEB4

Siren is actually a really great world I've run into alot of nice people. Also met a free company randomly that ended up being a slightly older/mature crew that has been really welcoming.

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#49 Edited by Urda (14 posts) -

Character Name: Urda Oakheart

World : Ultros

Code: ZC2EHJT4

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#50 Edited by shasm (1 posts) -

Character Name: Shasm Bobasm

World: Leviathan


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