Shadowbringers brought toxic noobs?

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#1 Posted by Casepb (779 posts) -

I'm curious to know what others have been experiencing when doing lower level daily roulettes. A few weeks ago I noticed that more and more commonly a sprout player in my party will get easily annoyed and start saying some unpleasant things to either the tank or healer that were having troubles. I've yet to see anything too bad, just ranting mostly calling other players "moron" or "r*tard" and what have you. But, I had experienced zero of this before Shadowbringers. I will admit I only played for 2 months before the expansion came out, but I did quite a lot of dungeons during those 2 months and I ran into none of that. Anyone else noticing stuff like this on their servers?

I'm also wondering if anyone knows what it means when someone asks if you're "puckered" is this slang for something?

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Shadowbringers brought in a lot of new people, full stop. Statistically a lot of those people are just gonna wind up being trash people. The game may have a reputation for having a better community overall but it's still an MMO and has always drawn its share of really toxic people.

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As @efesell already pointed out, ShB brought a literal horde of new players to Eorzea, and it can't be helped that some of them are 'toxic noobs'.

However, there's been plenty of very friendly sprouts who I've had the pleasure of teaching mechanics and the way some Jobs work, and they've been receptive and thankful.

The nasty players will almost always stand out from the polite quiet ones unfortunately.

PS: "puckered" means your butthole is clenched. He said you're butthurt. RIP

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@screwymaverick: Oh lol, thanks. Was in the Dzemael Darkhold, and I was standing in the magictek seal that has the exploding crystal next to it, so I was getting hurt of course. The healer I guess got upset with me because he had no clue why I was just standing there getting hurt so they had asked me if I was puckered. I had asked what that meant but did not get a reply.

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Can't say I have had too much of an issue. One or two people not AoEing mobs when they should and being a bit arsey about it. One guy asked me how I knew he wasn't doing much dps and tried to bait me with admitting I was using ACT (dps meter addon). Funny thing is I don't use it and I could tell as he was just casting blizzard 1..... in Aurum Vale!

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Seems about the same as always to me: Vast majority of folk (old and new) are fine, with the occasional dickhead throwing an amusing/embarrassing hissy fit.

Maybe the roulette gods are watching over me but even with a clear uptick of new players most of them have been either silent/friendly. In fact, I find the more experienced players tend to start the most drama but it's still just a minority so it's no biggie.

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