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As of yesterday, our free company has reached maximum capacity. We didn’t anticipate 200+ new members joining, and we’ve made as much room as we can over the past few weeks. We're finally at our limit, as the guild currently won’t even let new members submit an application now.

However, that doesn’t exactly mean we’re turning new members away. It will just be a bit more of an extended process now.

1. First, you’re simply going to have to join the Discord. FFXIV is already obtuse enough for newcomers and there’s no easier way for us to coordinate getting you into our current overflow linkshell: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZdCCysj

2. While you’re in-game send me a direct message via Discord with your character name. I’m always at the top of the Member List.

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3. If I’m not currently in-game myself I’ll at least be able to get someone who is and get you an invite to the linkshell. This helps us keep track of people to invite as space opens up and gives new players a chat to interact with officers and leaders in the Free Company proper.

Our guild leaders are going to start pruning members more aggressively than they have been, which is going to free up a lot of space in controlled chunks as people move in and out of the game in-between content-lulls. We're not too concerned about people being able to eventually get in, it just won't be as immediate as it has been for a while.

From our announcement channel:

"On the subject of the FC cap, we will be removing inactive members after a while in order to get some newer and more active people in the FC. We don't have a "Days last online" limit or specific day we will be pruning the FC list, but it may happen from time to time. If you happen to get caught in that wave, don't take offense. We just want to get some other Duders who are playing the game more frequently a chance to play with the FC (the LS will still be around, so this is another reminder to join that if you feel you aren't going to be on as others)."

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It's crazy! Never thought I'd see the day.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, Ultros is congested again. If you don't already have a character on here, you won't be getting on here until their next scheduled maintenance (which could be weeks at the earliest). The Primal data center only has two servers open at the moment, Excalibur and Behemoth.

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Wow very exciting stuff. With some vacation next week I hope to interact with the new members and have a lot of fun

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I made a character on ultros hoping to join the fc. I mainly focus on just doing the story, but i figured it'd be nice to have a group to join up with once I got to the higher level stuff. Oh well! If anyone has a decent laid back fc recommendation let me know, the random guild invites popping up while questing gets a little annoying

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@lebowski : set your status to /busy to avoid this.

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