FFXXIII Versus set for December 2008 release?

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"Final Fantasy XIII is still a ways off, and most all sources have a "TBA 2009" release date for FFXIII's counterpart, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The latter is still a PlayStation 3 exclusive, by the way, and Square-Enix just confirmed it would have a worldwide simultaneous release. They didn't give us a release date...but maybe a couple major retailers have let it slip.

First up, in perusing GameStop.com on a completely unrelated venture, we found that Versus XIII had a pre-order ship date of December 13, 2008, which may or may not be nothing more than a placeholder date. You know how GameStop loves to hand them out just to up the pre-order number, right? But then, a PSXE reader sent us a tip that Best Buy boasted a similar date: December 15, 2008. Now, because Square-Enix hasn't confirmed any release date, we can only treat this as rumor, but it's quite the coincidence that both GameStop and Best Buy say Final Fantasy Versus XIII is actually coming out this year...

This would be one hell of a time for the game to arrive; it means yet another hot PS3 exclusive will be available for the holiday season. We can already expect the likes of Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet; is Square-Enix tossing its hat into the ring with Versus XIII? Let's hope those dates are accurate!"


Sorry if this is old news, but it's the first I've heard of this. And the article was posted only 5 days ago.

Edit: Sorry for the one too many X's in the title.

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I really doubt this will happen..but i guess unless Square denies it you can only wait and see.

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no way this will happen

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yeah most likely a coincendence

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