Versus XIII in a state of perpetual limbo?

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Hey, remember the Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise and the other game that wasn't suppose to be Final Fantasy XIII? Well, if you don't exactly I don't think anyone could blame you, but regardless it's intrepid producer Tesuya Nomura sat down for a formal interview with Famitsu magazine this week, speaking specifically about the progress of the perpetually delayed action role-playing game.

Looks like this car won't be stopping anytime soon.
Looks like this car won't be stopping anytime soon.

The key point to take away from the interview for anyone in particular still holding a torch, is that unfortunately Versus most definitely won't be shipping anytime soon and in fact Nomura adds that game has yet to even leave the preliminary phase which of course would put 'full production' on hold till further notice.

“Since we’re still taking on so many new development challenges ['*cough* XIII-2'], the team is still made up of the core members,” he said. “Right now, we’re making preparations to go into full production.” - Tesuya Nomura

So first announced at Square Enix’s E3 press conference in May 2006, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has remained but a whisper, never showing a playable demo, nor ever was a release date ever announced.

But seemingly regardless of it's intangible nature, Nomura and Square Enix have released a slow if steady drip of information to keep die-hard fans intrigued. From continually talking the game up in periodic Famitsu interviews, dropping occasional screenshots every Tokyo Game Show and as of most-recent released some snippets of in-game sequences.

In 2008, Nomura said the game was on hold pending the release of Final Fantasy XIII which came out in Japan at the end of 2009.

With that game’s sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, being readied for a December release in Japan, it would seem logical that Versus won’t enter full production until this game, too, is out the door. ( This of course almost inevitably ensuring another strenuously long wait with Square's much anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, as last announced it too is still slated to begin early stage development some time after Versus.

Nomura closed the interview by saying that he would make the next announcement about Versus XIII at some indeterminate point in the future, and that this one will contain some “good information.”

via Game|Life

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I'd guess it's sitting in development hell, somewhere next to Kingdom Hearts III and Metal Gear Solid: Rising... Man, I can't fucking wait for Metal Gear.

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@TooWalrus said:

I'd guess it's sitting in development hell, somewhere next to Kingdom Hearts III and Metal Gear Solid: Rising... Man, I can't fucking wait for Metal Gear.

haha yeah totally, who knows about Metal Gear though I wouldn't be surprised frankly if it gets shelved for the Fox Engine stuff and what a major bummer that would be.

I guess it all comes down to developers not stopping for anything, even development of other games.

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It's pretty gnarly that FFXIII-2 will have been out for quite a while when this finally hits.

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God, Square really pisses me off with their development cycle of their Final Fantasy games of late. I get the impression that they have absolutely no inkling of what the fuck they want their games to be or what the gameplay will be like or what their story is. It seems like all they know is that they're making a Final Fantasy game. So they get Nomura to draw up some characters, make vague CG trailers out of them, and then spend the next couple years trying to make a comprehensible gameplay system and story. Obviously at this point they have an idea of what Versus XIII will be and are starting production on it, but it should not have taken this long. Same with FFXIII. It seems like all Square does is bite off more than they can chew by taking up multiple projects at a time and their games end up in stupid long dev cycles as a result.

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