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    Final Fantasy XV

    Game » consists of 26 releases. Released Nov 29, 2016

    The fifteenth entry in Square Enix's flagship RPG franchise, set in a world that mixes elements of modern technology with magic, a fantasy based on reality.

    werupenstein's Final Fantasy XV (PlayStation 4) review

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    What a mess

    This game is a real mess, I’m not a FF or jrpg fanboy but I’ve played over half the games in the series and enjoyed all of them up to now.

    The best way I can put this is: you know how everyone complained about how long it took FF13 to get going; that is all this game is just meaningless busy work waiting for the game to get going and then out of nowhere it just ends. It's a real shame because I can see the ambition here but it just feels like they focused far too much on the open world and not enough on everything else. When you dump all your work into one basket, it better be good, the open world in this game is not up to par, it feels old, unintuitive, boring; who thought it was a good idea to spend half the game on autopilot driving from mission to mission.

    Graphically, the game looks dated already, certainly not up to the high standards set throughout the series.

    What is loot? I must have collected 500+ drops in the world and I never ended up doing anything with it, when the game ended, this really pissed me off that I spent so much time seeking and collecting for nothing.

    This game is ridiculously short for a FF game, when you consider how much open world filler there is, it's down right insulting.

    Terrible characters, the forced emotional moments between the group members was really dumb.

    Not much story at all, whiny dudes, nonsense villains, endless roadtrip to nowhere leading to a false happy ending? Give me a break

    Combat consists of holding down one button, I'm not a fan of the souls type games, but most games seem to be going in that direction and for this game to go in the complete opposite direction is baffling. It’s like an action based combat system with no skill required. The party member contribute absolutely nothing to the general combat and when you call on them to do something it takes control away from you and that feels bad. There was never any fear of danger or failing. Summons are restricted to cut scenes that close out some key battles and aren’t really a factor.

    This game is a bad single player MMO with no progression.

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