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    Final Fight 2

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released May 22, 1993

    Straight-to-console sequel to the original Final Fight takes Mike Haggar worldwide as he and two new allies take on a re-grouped Mad Gear gang.

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    Final Fight 2 is a 2D belt-scrolling brawler developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on August 15, 1993.

    Set after Final Fight and the fall of the original Mad Gear gang, Mike Haggar finds out from Maki Genryusai, the daughter of Guy's former mentor and the sister of Guy's fiancee Rena, that both her sister and father have been kidnapped. Since Guy is training elsewhere and Cody is on vacation, it's up to Haggar, Maki, and Haggar's friend Carlos Miyamoto to traverse Eurasia to find the kidnappers.

    The game play similar to the SNES port of the original Final Fight, adding two-player co-operative multiplayer and new power-ups. The game was later digitally re-released via the Virtual Console for the Wii (on October 12, 2009), Wii U (on October 3, 2013), and New Nintendo 3DS (on September 22, 2016).


     Haggar, piledrives his way to victory.
    Haggar, piledrives his way to victory.

    Final Fight 2 plays very similar to the original game. The player has a choice to pick one of three characters, and goes through six levels with enemies. The objective for the player is to beat up every enemy on screen that appears, and the boss at the end of each level. The game makes use of two buttons, attack and jump. The player can grab an enemy and perform an throwing technique. With the combination of the attack and jump buttons, the player can activate a special move that can attack every enemy that's near the player, but it can drain the player's health.

    Several enemies differ from each other; for example, one enemy can charge at the player with a device that can electrocute the player, and another can block the player's attack.

    The game has two bonus stages. One stage is a returning stage from the first Final Fight, the smash the car stage; the player has a certain amount of time to destroy a car to earn extra points. The other bonus stage is the player has to destroy a certain amount of oil drums before the time runs out, some of the oil drums flame up and can be a hazard to the player.

    Items such as health items and weapons can be found in the game. The player can restore his or her health with a turkey or with other food items. Weapons can also be use to defend against enemies.


    After the fall of the Mad Gear gang in the original game, two of the original heroes, Cody and Guy, go their separate ways. Cody goes off on vacation with his girlfriend Jessica, and Guy off on a journey to hone his fighting skills. Mike Haggar remains in Metro City in charge as mayor.

    The period of peace soon ends as surviving members of Mad Gear join up with a new leader to plot a revenge plan against the heroes of Metro City. They head to Japan and kidnap Guy's fiancee Rena and his sensai Genryusai. Rena's sister and Genryusai's daughter, Maki, gives a call to Mike Haggar to let him known what just happened. Mike Haggar, Maki, and friend Carlos Miyamoto join together to rescue the kidnap victims.

    Their journey leads them Eurasia where they come across many members of Mad Gear. First there in Hong Kong, they run into Won Won. After Won Won's defeat, Haggar, Carlos and Maki find out that Mad Gear is in Europe, and Rena and Genryusai were taken there.

    Once Haggar, Carlos, and Maki head for another part of Europe. And there they encounter an original member of Mad Gear, Rolento. The heroes manage to defeat Rolento and got information about the where abouts of Rena and Genryusai. Rolento tells them that they're in Japan with his new leader.

    They head to Japan and face the new leader of Mad Gear, Retu. Haggar, Carlos and Maki finally save Rena and Genryusai by defeating Retu. Maki is reunited with her family, and the game ends.


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