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Final Fight CD is the Sega CD version of the 1989 arcade beat'em up, Final Fight; released by Capcom in 1993. Final Fight CD includes everything that was in the original arcade version, the game also adds a brand new arrange soundtrack - taking advantage of the Sega CD hardware - and adds voice acting in the beginning and end cut-scene.  


Metro City, a capital of crime. Wrenched in violence, thievery, and corruption among some of Metro City's police force; one man, Mike Hagger, steps in to put a close of the criteria of darkness to convert Metro City into a city of peace.       
But all doesn't sit well with the main source of Metro City's downfall, the Mad Gear gang. Belger, the leader of Mad Gear, counter-acts Mike Hagger's stand against the crime of Metro City by kidnapping his daughter, Jessica Hagger.  While Mike was in his office one day, he receives a call from one of the members of Mad gear. Mike seem confuse by the identification of  the caller's voice until the caller told Mike to turn on his T.V. On screen was Damnd revealing Mike's daughter Jessica; Damn tells Mike to end his rebellion against Mad Gear if he wants to see his daughter ever again. Mike becomes in raged by what he sees. Mean while, two of Mike Hagger's companions, Cody Travers and Guy, see Jessica kidnapped on the T.V as well. Being Cody's sweetheart and Guy's childhood friend, they joined up with Mike into the streets of Metro City to disobey Mad Gear's orders and defeat them and rescue Jessica.
Mike, Cody and Guy go through six areas of Metro City - Slums, Subway, Westside, Industrial Area, and Up Town. Along the way, they encounter many members of the Mad Gear gang: Damnd, the man seen in the beginning of the game, Sodom, an American obsess with Japanese culture but is skilled with two samurai blades, Eddi E. the corrupt police officer, Rolento, the fast, grenade throwing, knight-stick welding member of Mad Gear, and Abigail, a champion wrestler.  
The main heroes eventually defeat most of the members of Mad Gear and finally get to Belger. There they see Belger on a arm-chair with Jessica on his lap all tied up while holding a rifle. They engage into battle with Belger and avoid any attack that Belger had in store for them. Cody delvers the final blow to Belger, which result to him being thrown off a window several stories into the ground.
 Mike Haggar, reuniting with his daughter.
 Mike Haggar, reuniting with his daughter.
Mike reunites with his daughter and is relived that she's alright. Mike promises that Jessica will never be put in danger ever again. Cody and Guy are seen walking off as they're slowed down by the calls of Jessica to Cody. Cody, with no need to stop walking away, is force into a conversation with Jessica as he was beaten up by Guy. Jessica questions Cody as to why he stay with her. Cody replies by saying that he can't due to evil that still remains. The game ends with Jessica standing comfortably next to Cody. 


 The beginning of the first stage.
 The beginning of the first stage.
The game revolves around the player picking a character and going through several areas of Metro City. There the player encounters many members of the Mad Gear gang. Each enemy differs from each other; for example, Slash can block the player's attacks, while Bill Bull can charge at the player. Each enemy also has alternate versions of themselves, the only difference is that the alternate versions have higher amounts of health.  
At the beginning of the game, the player has the option to pick one of three characters. Each character is depended on strength, defensiveness, and speed. Mike Hagger, the slowest but strongest character in the game, Cody is a balances character in terms of strength and defensive power, and Guy is the weakest, but is also the fastest and has the ability to wall jump.   
Weapons are also presented for the player to use against enemies. Weapons such as knives can be use to stab at enemies, the player can also throw them. Steel pipes and samurai swords can also be used; the differences between the two is the offensive power of the weapons. 
Items are also found in the game. They're either healing items like a turkey, or cake, and other are regular items like a boom-box, or diamond that are used to add more points in the player's score. 
"Oh my car."
Final Fight CD features two bonus stage in some points in the game. One bonus stage is "smash the car," the objective is to completely destroy a car parked in front of a gas station before the time runs out (The car actually belongs to a member of Mad Gear). The other bonus stage takes place in the Industrial Area, the objective is to smash several rows of glass windows before the time runs out. The reward for accomplishing the objective in the bonus stage will result to more points.    


Mike Haggar - A former professional wrestler turned Mayor of Metro City. He's the main target of the Mad Gear as they kidnapped his daughter Jessica. Mike is a widow and a single father.
Cody Travers - Jessica's boyfriend and Martial Arts master. Cody specializes in welding a knife.
Guy - A Ninjutsu master whom wears an all red ninja suit. Guy was a juvenile delinquent until he befriended Cody and Mike.

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