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    Final Fight: Double Impact

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Apr 14, 2010

    The original arcade versions of Final Fight and Magic Sword are collected in this downloadable release.

    thenexus's Final Fight: Double Impact (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    Double The Impact?

    Capcom is certanly rolling out the retro games as well as the modern refreshes. With the love hate of the 8-bit Megaman Mixes it s interesting to see how this shapes upon a bit of a retro kick lately. 
    Seeing this launching in the arcade cabinet does make you feel like a kid. The old approach to Xbox Live download games was fine, but this just does something, I am not sure what but it does. You could say it is a cop out and that But it is just done with love and you can tell.
    So it is clear for Final Fight: Double Impact Capcom has gone goes out of its way to preserve the feel of the original arcade games. What is the point in releasing a game classic and not preserve it's essence of being. The devil is in the details here, and this package is full of tiny little details that really augment the arcade experience. 
    With the recent launch of Game Room from Microsoft and productions like this it shows that you can not just launch a classic game so you can play it on your modern console. It just feels cheap, old and dated and after 5 minutes your done.
    Wrapping this in the blanket of nostalgia covering you in a warm fuzzy feeling as if you just stepped back in time is something that just feels right, "Why was this not done properly before" you think.
    Starting up some people have commented on the default music being the remixed version and not the original and not in a positive light. I think the opposite though. It is Capcom looking at it and adding a bit more quality to the experience, you can of course switch to the classic if you wish, it is still there! 
    With that I do like how you can control the look and feel as well so you can choose to have it as it was made or with a bit more of a crisp look to it.  Some developers have just released a classic with a little spit and polish and it they just feel like they have not put any effort into it, actually scratch that, you feel they did not put any heart and soul into it.
    Street Fighter HD Remix just oozed that all over and was well received as a result but while this is not in that category they way they have "given the love" to this game for what is I think has been done well.

    The two games in this compilation are running through emulation but both games run as smooth as you expect they should and as we have come to expect as a "cool" feature you can save the state of the game. This again is there to help your experience, you know you can just stop and go off and do something else and you know you can just pick this game up, play it for 5 minutes in between things and then jump right back where you left off. This makes it a lot more accessible then the standard save game option an allows you to properly experience the game for more then the 5 minute memory rush. 
    I have to say now though I am not a big fan of the series myself and I will no get the kick out of it as a fan would but I enjoyed what has been done here and certainly does the franchise justice. The love was put into it where needed and you enjoy it as a result.
    The thing that for me gave it the extra star in my review was the price. For what was done - GREAT! why can we not see more things priced reasonably? 
    Overall this is a good experience and you should consider downloading this one.

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