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    Final Fight One

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released May 25, 2001

    The Game Boy Advance version of the classic arcade beat'em up, Final Fight.

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    Final Fight One is a port of Final Fight for the Gameboy Advance. Though it would appear to share DNA with its fellow Nintendo port on the Super NES, Final Fight One rectifies some of the issues that fans had with the previous port:

    • All three characters from the Original game are playable: Cody, Guy and Mike Haggar
    • The Industrial Area stage (and its Boss fight with Rolento) has been included, where it was omitted from the SNES port
    • Co-op multiplayer is available via the link cable
    • Where the SNES port never pit the player against more than 3 enemies simultaneously, Final Fight One surpassed this limitation and offers simultaneous enemy counts that resemble the arcade original

    Character art was also added into the game, giving it a bigger story element, with profile shots of players and enemy bosses talking to each other before a battle.

    Extras included, Color swapping, Extra lives, Stage select, rapid punch and the Street Fighter Alpha versions of Guy and Cody as unlockable characters to play.


    Damnd and Sodom Keep their names in this localization.


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