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    Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 30, 1997

    Take control of armies in SSI's Final Liberation with Imperial forces and Ork Hordes in an effort to retake Volistad for the Imperium.

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    Final Liberation is a turn based strategy game with a simplified version of the Epic 40,000K rules published by Games Workshop.


    The game's campaign takes place on the Planet Volistad which is being invaded by the Ork Warlord Skroll. As a Lord Commander Militant, you direct your forces across a large campaign map. In the game there's four overall outcomes; a total defeat, slight defeat, slight victory and total victory. In cutscenes the fictional character Commissar Holt is the main character and speaks directly to the player to give him advice or critisism and sometimes congratulation. In addition, there are a few cutscenes where Holt and other characters interact. There are also cutscenes where Warlord Skroll taunts you or when the player gains other armies evenly spaced out across the game. The cutscenes were originally made for a cancelled warhammer 40,000 film, before being repurposed for the game. They are the only live-action cutscenes used in any Warhammer 40,000 game.

    The campaign is also turn based, although the Orks do nothing other than sit and wait, apart from a few counter attacks. Every time the player ends his turn he gains a certain amount of Points that he or she can spend on additional units, reinforce older squads who've lost unit members or stock up to replace units when the squad is fully destroyed.

    Other Game Modes

    Final Liberation also has a local Skirmish mode and a LAN/Online Skirmish mode so that players can fight against customised armies at a specific points value up to 8,000. Units cost a certain amount of points depending on their weapons, abilities and stats.


    The gameplay is based on squares where most units take up one square, although larger units can take over ten. Turn sequence can either be one player taking his entire turn at once, or players taking turns to use their actions unit by unit after one another.

    Units have their own movement, shooting values and combat values, as well as individual weapon attacks. Movement and attacking both use action points rather than being individual stats. Moving a unit cuts down the amount of attacks it can make, whereas some units such as Ork Gargants have multiple weapons on their arms, and firing these weapons takes away the option to fire the rest of the weapons on that arm.


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