Finalizer - Super Transformation

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 01, 1985

    Finalizer is an arcade shooter from Konami.

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     The player starts out as a ship fighting over North America. Capsules are shot from the ground, that when shot open contains either a ship upgrade or powerup. 
    - The very first item that comes out of the capsule is an upgrade that transforms the ship into a flying robot that has a shield. This shield can take a few hits before transforming back into a ship. 
    - With each upgrade the robot transforms and gains a different type of weapon. 
    - Pressing button 2 (B) will let the Robot use his shield to block shots head on.
    Power ups
    - After shooting the capsule open, if they player shoots again the ship upgrade will change to a power up.
    - Power ups include bonus points, stopping enemies for a certain amount of time, and becoming indestructible for a limited amount of time. During this indestructible phase, the ship/robot cannot shoot but can fly into enemies for tremendous amounts of points.
    Released on Xbox Live Arcade and PC  Game Room on 3/24/2010.    


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