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The 'new guy' in Chris Redfield's team during the mission to uncover the mystery behind the new species of B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapons) in Edonia, Finn is nervous but eager to impress his Captain.

Resident Evil 6

As the team's demolitions expert, Finn is vital in achieving success across their mission, as he blasts open doors to lead the way and takes down a number of anti-air guns. Once Chris Redfield and his team reach a derelict Bank, they meet Carla Radames, who identifies herself as Ada Wong, and explains that these ''J'avo'' are being created via the C-Virus and that she was held hostage.

Chris and his team offer their services in escorting her to safety, but as they travel further in the building, Carla springs a trap and locks all of Chris' men--including Finn, however Piers Nivans managed to escape along with Chris--inside a room and uses a needle-bomb to inject them all at once with the C-Virus, killing and then turning them into B.O.W.s.

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