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    Fio Germi

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    Fiolina "Fio" Germi is a female playable Character in the Metal Slug franchise. Fio is an only child who joined the military because of family tradition.

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    Fio Germi is the daughter of the legendary Allesandro Germi, just one of many in a line of Italian military heroes. Since Fio is an only child, Allesandro had no choice but to send Fio to the military. Despite his best efforts, Fio would eventually be transferred to the SPARROWS unit. She becomes an elite soldier, survivng the many wars against Morden and the Mars People. She has a teddy bear named Peppino that she considers to be her best friend.

    In Metal Slug 6 and 7, it is revealed that Fio can carry large amounts of ammo. In these games, she starts every new life with a Heavy Machine Gun and gains 1.5x ammo for each weapon she grabs.

    Fio is an unlockable character in The King of Fighters 2006. In this game, her "Stylish Moves" are based on Leona Heidern's, while her moveset consists of Metal Slug weapons such as the Tonfa, Grenade, Heavy Machine Gun, and Drop Shot.

    Official Profile

    Full Name: Fiolina Germi

    Age: 22

    Birthplace: Genova, Italy

    Position: Sparrows Government Intelligence Agency Special Forces, Staff Sergeant Major

    Fighting Techniques

    Fio's movelist in The King of Fighters 2006 consists of a variety of weapons that can be used to attack the opponent from a distance. Like every other character in the game, she has a variety of melee combos thanks to "Stylish Move" chain combos. She has 19 Stylish Moves in all, though some require her "Tong Fa Setup" move.

    Command Normals (Special Moves)

    • Air Throw (Fio's Stomp): Fio can perform this throw in the air. She wraps her feet around the opponent's head, spins in the air, and kicks them to the ground.
    • Cutting Tong Fa (requires Tong Fa Setup): A delayable downward strike with a tonfa. The attack must be blocked or Sabaki'd while standing. This attack can be followed with Stylish Move 19.
    • Tactical Tong Fa (requires Tog Fa Setup): By pressing Heavy Punch shortly after starting a dash, Fio will slide forward, perform a face strike, and launch the opponent with a backhand.

    Special Moves (Deadly Moves)

    • (Terrestrial/Anti-air) Heavy Machine Gun: Fio pulls out a Heavy Machine Gun and fires after a short pause, imitating the sound of the gun as she does so. The Terrestrial version, performed with Light Punch, shoots horizontally while the Anti-Air version fires at a 45-degree angle.
    • K:A:M:I:K:A:Z:E: Fio runs at the enemy. If she successfully makes contact, a short cinematic plays where she drops grenades at the opponent's feet and poses; the opponent is then blown into the air. If blocked, Fio will continue running, making her an easy target for the opponent.
    • Type (G/A) Grenade: Fio throws a grenade that performs a small bounce before exploding. She arcs the grenade above her head in the ground variation and throws the grenade forward if performed while jumping.
    • Type (G/A) Fire Bomb: Like the above move, Fio tosses a grenade; however, this grenade causes a small flame if it touches the ground.

    Desperation Moves (DOA Thrashing)

    • SPECIAL MISSION: Tong Fa Setup: Cost 1. Fio pulls out a pair of tonfas. These tonfas increase the range and damage of her punching techniques while unlocking her Command Normals and Stylish Moves 17, 18, and 19. She loses her tonfas when she is knocked down.
    • SPECIAL MISSION: Swing Tomahawk: Cost 1. Fio pulls out a tomahawk and swings the axe downward before launching the opponent into the air. The first strike causes a ground bounce on a standing or aerial opponent.
    • SPECIAL MISSION: Drop Shot: Cost 1. Fio pulls out a Drop Shot gun and fires several round bullets that travel forward on a single path. They each bounce once before exploding.
    • SPECIAL MISSION: Double Machine Gun: Cost 2. Fio twirls forward while grabbing two Heavy Machine Guns. She unleashes a torrent of bullets.
    • FINAL MISSION: Fio Fio Time!: Cost 3. Fio performs a roundhouse that launches the opponent into the air. If successful, she pushes them into the air with her Heavy Machine Gun before tossing the tomahawk at them. The cutscene ends while the opponent is still in the air, allowing Fio to follow up the attack.

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