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    Protagonist of the Capcom survival horror game, Haunting Ground. Accompanied by Hewie, her pet German Shepherd.

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    Fiona, the protagonist of Haunting Ground, is an eighteen-year-old girl who awakens from a car accident to find herself trapped in a mansion with a collection of demented captors. Incapable of actively defending herself against the likes of the deformed monstrosity Debilitas, her only course of action, other than escape, is to survive by staying out of sight and running away when adversaries close in.

    Fiona's only ally is a German Shepard named Hewie that befriends her at the game's start. She can give Hewie commands, allowing him to assist her in her escape, and can give him positive and negative reinforcement as the situation calls for it. How helpful Hewie is to Fiona in the long run largely depends on how well she treats him.


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