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    The governor of the Marado territory in Daein, was fathered by Lanvega of the legendary Great Four Riders.

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    Daein will soon be free... Lady Micaiah, please lead us to victory. -- Fiona, in a base conversation.

    Fiona is about as loyal as they come, which is a trait found only in the most benevolent of leaders. Unfortunately, because of her devotion to her people, the more corrupt characters tend to attempt to manipulate her. But when she gets her facts straight, her determination and sense of justice is unyielding. This is evident in her earlier employment with the Begnion Occupational Army where she and a group of her people are sent to put down the Dawn Brigade. Once realizing that Micaiah's negative characterization is a product of Begnion propaganda, she shows her resolve by joining the Dawn Brigade and saving the hostages alongside them. While Fiona is a ruler of the Marado territory, she is still the ruler of a smaller territory. Because of this, she looks up to strong rulers who value peace in the larger states.


    Fiona's father, Lanvega, left Ashnard's rule in the events of the Mad King's War due to his disgust at serving someone so corrupt. He ruled his territory in peace until his death and passed on his rule to his daughter, Fiona. Because the integrity of the Marado is called into question, Fiona takes a group of her people to quell the rebellion of the Dawn Brigade. However, once she witnesses the heartless actions of the Begnion Occupational Army against innocent civilians, she and her group leave their employment to rescue the hostages. Naturally, this angers her employer, and the small group from Marado ends up a target as well. Micaiah, seeing how honorable they are, orders her group to help the horsemen, and manages to catch a word with Fiona. The Silver-haired Maiden is everything the people said she was in Fiona's eyes at this point, and she declares that she help free Daein.

    Military Affiliation

    At first, Fiona will be on the side of the Begnion Occupational Army. After the events mentioned twice in the above sections of this article, she have a green ring around her character model which signifies that she is part of the "other party." After the chapter ends, Fiona will join the playable party and be recruited into the Daein military. Her appearance is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and while she is mentioned as the daughter of Lanvega who is one of the Four Riders, she does not know anyone from the Greil Mercenaries and will stay by Micaiah's side until Part Four when all sides are on equal terms, and the player can opt to place him in one of three armies.


    Since the support system in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is less detailed and more simplified, Fiona can have a support with anyone she spends a lot of time with.

    In her C support, Fiona will ask how the unit is doing and that while she hates to see bloodshed, she wants the unit to call her if they are in trouble. In her B support, Fiona will tell the unit that she will escort them at the very least, much like how a knight escorts a noble. In her A support, Fiona will tell the unit that there is no greater joy than being with them, and she wants to stay with them forever.

    As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Fiona were to have a support with certain characters, then she would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. This may be due to Ike and Micaiah having an immense amount of potential A support conversations...and either of them alone would be too many.

    The characters that were planned to have the special support conversation with (and the possible reasons) were:

    • Laura (They are both females who dislike fighting)
    • Leanne (See the possible reason for Laura)
    • Leonardo (Leonardo actually is a noble even if it is never stated in-game. Fiona is a knight)
    • Micaiah (Fiona admires her as a strong, peaceful leader)
    • Pelleas (Pelleas is sickly and weak. Fiona lives to protect people)
    • Tanith (Tanith rules her squad with intimidation. Fiona rules her people with kindness)
    • Tauroneo (They are both knights)
    • Danved (Danved is lighthearted. Fiona is a serious knight)


    Fiona starts as a level nine Lance Knight. When she reaches level twenty-one, or uses a Master Seal when she reaches level ten, then she can promote to the Second Tier level one Lance Paladin class. When she reaches level twenty-one in the Lance Paladin class, or uses a Master Crown when she reaches level ten, then she can promote to the Third and Final Tier level one Silver Knight class and gain the mastery skill, Sol.

    Fiona comes with the default skills, Imbue and Savior. For whatever reason, the promotional material for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance as well as the official guide book state that members of the Lance Knight class are strictly male. Fiona's existence contradicts this.

    Unit Data

    Base Stats

    • Affinity: Earth
    • HP: 25
    • Strength: 8
    • Magic: 6
    • Skill: 8
    • Speed: 10
    • Luck: 7
    • Defense: 8
    • Resistance: 6
    • Constitution/Build: 7
    • Weight: 31
    • Movement: 8
    • Weapon Grade: Lance - C

    Growth Rates

    • Health: 45%
    • Strength: 40%
    • Magic: 15%
    • Skill: 40%
    • Speed: 60%
    • Luck: 55%
    • Defense: 55%
    • Resistance: 50%


    Fiona has one ending at the end of the game. It is as follows:

    Valiant Lady of Marado - Fiona

    As Lady of Marado, Fiona watched over her beloved people and protected them until the autumn of her years.


    • Even though Fiona is the ruler of Marado, she is noted to be only a member of the Marado Army and not a commander. She also has no stars in her Authority stat.
    • Fiona appears to be absent at Prince Pelleas's coronation.

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