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    A hopeful woman living in 600 A.D. She is determined to bring a forest back it it's original beauty before it wastes away.

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    Fiona is a woman that lives in the 600 A.D. era of Chrono Trigger. She lives in a small cottage surrounded by a vast desert that had once been a lush forest, and her greatest dream in life is to restore the forest to its former splendor. After her husband returns from the war against Magus, a sand pit opens up in the desert, and the player's party can explore under the earth to see what's preventing the forest from growing back. As it turns out, monsters are under the desert, but if the player manages to clear them out, the desert will become calm enough for Fiona to go to work.

    Unfortunately, to Fiona's own admission, she cannot possibly live long enough to see the forest restored in its entirety, but if the player leaves Robo with her, the robot will assist in making her dream come true by spending the following centuries working to make the forest grow. In a new version of the present, the party finds that the forest has been restored, just as Fiona had hoped, and in a shrine dedicated to her memory, they find and reactivate Robo.


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