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    Firaeveus Carron

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    Commander of Chaos forces in the Kaurava system. Member of the Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine chapter. Has a strong disliking for metal objects, especially metal boxes.

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    Lord Firraveus Carron is the leader of the Alpha Legion Forces in the Kaurava System and despite being the champion of an Undivided Chaos Legion Carron is incredibly bloodthirsty and devotes himself entirely to Khorne, much like his predecessor Lord Crull on Lorn V he's also psychotic and has a lack of mental balance, although not to the same degree.  The Dark Eldar Lord Tahril considers him to be one of the least foolish commanders in Dawn of War: Soulstorm's campaign.

    Much like Eliphas from Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, Carron also will become a Daemon Prince.

    The Alpha Legion is moving within the heart of a Warp Storm around their base and uses a number of shrines to link it to the Warp permanently but this Warp Storm can be stopped if the shrines are destroyed by an attacking force.

    When Carron is defeated, he becomes shocked at the defeat after all the devotion and then tries to escape only to face the enemy commander in single combat.  The outcome isn't depicted in-game for certain commanders but it would be safe to assume that he dies and the enemy commander returns to lead his or her forces against the remnants of the Chaos troops.

    If Carron succeeds in taking over the Kaurava System then he uses a Warp Storm to bring forth Daemons and the forces of Chaos harass Imperial worlds, and the System becomes a place for Chaos to infect and spread the Imperium.


    There is internet joke that he suffers Pygmachophobia (fear of boxes) because in a Soulstorm mission he goes mad when he sees Rhinos, or Space Marine tanks. He refers ti them as "metal boxes".

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