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Finally picked this game up and im pretty hooked. It's my first fire emblem game and so far i love it, im playing on classic mode and just had a question regarding child characters that maybe someone could help me out with. I was curious that if a child's father died before the child's paralogue mission appeared then would it still appear regardless? Or does both parents have to be alive for it to happen. I just got to the very end of chapter 11 and stahl god killed at the very end and he is married to mirel so im not sure if i still get the child unit.

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Pretty sure they both have to be alive.

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Both parents have to be alive.

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Severa, all the way.

Wait, what was the question?

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It's weird, this thought never occurred to me, because WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DOESN'T JUST RESET WHENEVER ANYBODY DIES? Stahl was your bro!

I've said it before, but Fire Emblem doesn't really handle permadeath in the way that something like XCOM does. There aren't infinite units, though at least in Awakening there are more or less infinite enemies to keep grinding levels out on (if you buy at least one DLC; waiting for Streetpasses or random Risen to appear on the map is a slow process). My point is, it is a significant loss if you lose a Fire Emblem unit that you've put hundreds and hundreds of experience points into, and if this were one of the Fire Emblem games that played hardball (where there are a very finite set of enemies), then you really can't afford to just let a guy die and replace him with some other asshole, because there is only so much experience available in the game.

Gameplay aside, I would love if at least you got to see ANYTHING new from a character death (like some kind of funeral after the mission, with custom dialogue from certain characters), but instead the character says 2 lines as they die, and then literally no one ever acknowledges that person to have ever existed.

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