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I'm intending to buy Fire Emblem: Awakening. Is it Worth? Is it a nice game?
I used to like FF Tactics; Mighty and Magic; and Fire Emblem for DS and other consoles; Should I buy it?
Does it have WiFi stuffs? Thanks!

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@thejooker: Oh excellent, GB just deleted my entire message. Sigh. Typed out a really long thing.

Short version: Yes its a great game and you should definitely get it. Maybe consider playing on hard if you've played a lot of turn based strategy games. I found the game on normal got very easy after a few hours and was soloing maps with a single character. Its really tough in the beginning though.

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@xeiphyer: thanks for awnsering. Does it have wifi resources?

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#4 Posted by Chemystery (348 posts) -

@thejooker: There is a ton of wifi content. Some of it is DLC and some of it is free.

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#5 Posted by Marz (6056 posts) -

i bought it just the other day after i got a 3ds xl on black friday... definately worth playing if you like SRPG. Dunno what you are getting at with wifi stuff, but just check out the nintendo site to see if it's what your looking for http://fireemblem.nintendo.com/connect/

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#6 Posted by egg (1667 posts) -

Be sure to do your research beforehand and pick the right difficulty level.

You will have to decide between Normal, Hard, and Lunatic.

And then you have to decide if between Casual (permadeath off) and Classic. (permadeath on)



Many essays can be written on the art and science of choosing a difficulty level in Fire Emblem Awakening. But that is after all what makes Fire Emblem Awakening the masterpiece that it is, right? A great game is thought provoking, and makes us question the world around us.

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#7 Posted by Doomed (297 posts) -

Pick casual mode and pick normal difficulty. My friend, a first-time player of Fire Emblem but a fan of turn-based strategy, had to give up after finishing most of the game because it was too hard and his characters could die permanently.

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@doomed said:

Pick casual mode and pick normal difficulty. My friend, a first-time player of Fire Emblem but a fan of turn-based strategy, had to give up after finishing most of the game because it was too hard and his characters could die permanently.

Given that he stated he enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, casual/normal seems like terrible advice.

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#9 Posted by Chemystery (348 posts) -

@starvinggamer: I'd have to agree with you. The only point of playing on casual is if you want to see EVERY support conversation.

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#10 Posted by Aegon (7241 posts) -

I actually got the game recently and as far as I can remember my only experience with strategy RPGs was with Valkyria Chronicles (unless Devil Survivor somehow counts). Should I still go with classic?

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Hey guys I'm thinking of buy (GAME TITLE HERE) and I can't be bothered to read reviews or download the demo available on the (CONSOLE'S BUILT-IN STORE) can you tell me if it's any good? I've played (SIMILAR GAMES) if that helps.

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@aegon: Classic is fine. On normal, the difficulty is only a deal for up to about chapter 10ish, and only if you never figure out what you're doing. Once you get your characters promoted, it's a fairly straight shot, and if you put in the extra effort to make their kids awesome, the game damn near finishes itself. Even the hardest non-DLC map in the game is capable of being cleared by a single character if you know what you're doing. Personally, I restart if I lose a character, because I don't like anything less than an optimal strategy and all that "oh you're not playing the game right" chatter is meaningless. Play how you want to.

Seriously, just invest in the parent's skills and pass them down to the kids to turn them into murder machines, if only for the satisfaction of having a bunch of little badasses.

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#13 Posted by YI_Orange (1331 posts) -

@aegon: Fire Emblem and Valkyria Chronicles handle losing people the same way. Though, if you're not ok with permadeath(like me) and don't want to restart when you lose someone(unlike me, I don't mind doing that), then go with casual. You will absolutely lose people. The first handful of missions are fucking hard and there's a couple other surprises along the way. Sometimes reinforcements will spawn and just murder someone immediately or you'll make one bad move or get unlucky and get a crit on you or something. I prefer to play classic and just restart though, adds a little more tension to it.

Also, the guy right above me gives good advice, but I would say don't stress it. Just play how you wanna play. I used all adults and at least half of my squad was pretty much unkillable. My MC and Donnel could literally solo entire stages. I would find the most dangerous group of enemies, throw one of them in the middle, and just watch as they all killed themselves on me.

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