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I'm enjoying this, but didn't get the memo on re rolling, so I'm using fairly unimpressive 1-3 star characters I've leveled up through battles. I have one character at 3 bronze stars and leveled up somewhere around 13-15. I just got a one star silver of the same character. What's the optimal way to handle this? Do I feed the 3 star bronze to the one star silver? I do I keep the leveled bronze and feed the silver to it? I get that losing a higher star character will increase the stats for the silver character in this case, but what does the bronze/silver/gold tier really mean?

I hate that I'm enjoying this. I know it's not great.

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I think 1 star is iron, and 3 stars is bronze. So you should feed the 1 star to the 3 star.

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I'm also pretty sure you lose the bonus of feeding unit if you upgrade it up a star later. So keep that in mind.

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As long as the character is of a greater or equal rarity(star), the fed character will gain increased stats and SP. If the character is of lower rarity, no stats are gained and only SP is gained.

So a few examples,

4* -> 4* = Stats and SP

4* -> 3* = Stats and SP

4* -> 5* = ONLY SP

And as Ryuku mentions, upgrading a character a rarity level will lose any bonus stats gained through this process. Hope this helps!

I also reread your question and to clarify, generally more stars is going to be better. Feeding a higher star card into a lower one is probably never worth it, since the process to upgrade them up a rarity level is pretty expensive. Keep in mind you don't have to combine, having multiples of characters is not a big deal.

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@asmo917: To clarify, the colouring of the stars is irrelevant and actually misleading (it goes silver->bronze->gold for some reason). The quantity of the stars on a given character is what matters. Lower star characters are locked out of a significant amount of skills, while a 5-star character has the ability to eventually unlock all of the skills associated with that character.

You can click on the + while you're looking at the stat screen for a character, and see the full skill list from there for each character.

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