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250529 Vestmaster Game Overview Updated comment about a player made character only being in 7 to reflect 12 and 13. Streamlined Class descriptions, aimed to make them more consistent. 06/08/16 11:06PM 7 Approved
149502 reverendhunt Game Releases 12/11/14 07:06PM 16 Approved
148299 DeF New Release 12/03/14 11:33AM 7 Approved
130103 DeF New Release 08/20/14 06:34AM 7 Approved
130102 DeF New Release 08/20/14 06:34AM 7 Approved
130101 DeF Game Overview 08/20/14 06:34AM 5 Approved
108408 HeyGuys Game Overview Deleted a misplaced period that was likely the result of a typo. 05/21/14 10:21PM 1 Approved
79264 Hailinel Game Overview Added a Gameplay section. 01/05/14 11:05PM 87 Approved
6560 drawfire Game Releases 02/20/13 07:16PM 9 Approved
6555 DevourerOfTime Game Overview Added a single caption. 02/20/13 07:09PM 2 Approved
6550 DevourerOfTime Game Overview Made a table for the classes in the game to replace the bullet list. Shows the connection between base and promoted classes better. Expanded list to include missing standard classes, like Pirate, and unique classes, like Dancer and Archsage. Expanded class descriptions and removed spelling/grammar mistakes. 02/20/13 07:04PM 141 Approved

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