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    Fire ProWrestling D

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 06, 2001

    Fire Pro Wrestling D is the Dreamcast iteration of the infamous and beloved 2D wrestling simulation series.

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    Quite arguably the series at its prime, Fire Pro Wrestling D was much like its predecessors including series staples like a roster of hundreds of pro wrestling and MMA stars, and the deepest Create-A-Wrestler mode found in any wrestling game. Perhaps the most unique inclusion of the series, Fire Pro Wrestling D is the only Fire Pro game that allows users to exchange Create-A-Wrestler data through the Dreamcasts web browser. Also unique to this particular Fire Pro game was allowing players to download new moves using the game's Network Mode, in an early example of Downloadable Content for a home console game. Like many of the Fire Pro series titles, it was only released in Japan.


    Most fans of Fire Pro Wrestling praises the gameplay due to its simplicity and pace. Players can throw Light, Strong and Heavy strikes at anytime they please. In order for strikes to be successful, players must be at the right range of the attack. Chops can be thrown at a foot away, but if you're too close with a dropkick, you might end up lying on the canvas.

    Wrestlers will automatically "tie-up" once they are close enough, players will then have to input their attacks at the correct time to be successful. Like strikes, there are Light, Medium, and Strong grapple maneuvers, however, players must work their way to dealing more devastating moves.

    At the start of the match, wrestlers are considered fresh thus being harder to attack with Strong and Heavy moves. At the start, players are more successful using Light strikes and grapples, eventually, players will have beaten their opponent down enough that their opponent will be susceptible to Strong attacks and eventually Heavy attacks. This plays well to the pacing of a TV wrestling match moving from simple attacks like chops and basic bodyslams to more devastating attacks like DDTs and Piledrivers.

    Possibly one the most interesting mechanic to the Fire Pro gameplay is Breathing. The longer the match goes the most visibly fatigued the wrestlers will become. In this instance, players can hold down a button for wrestlers to rest or breathe. If they choose not to, the wrestler will be temporarily immobilized "fainting" after every move and they will also take more damage.

    The match is typically over when a wrestler is pinned, submitted or "critical'd" (KO'd).


    Much like past games in the Fire Pro Wrestling series, Fire Pro D included a roster of hundreds of pro wrestling and MMA stars from around the world under pseudonyms to by-pass legal issues.


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