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    Game » consists of 28 releases. Released 1986

    Lead Sir Galaheart in his battle to free the Land of Torot from the grasp of the Evil Queen and her cohorts of mindless ghosts. There are a host of characters cowering in their homes for him to meet and trade with.

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    Sinclair User11/198632, 33ZX Spectrum5 out of 5100Graham TaylorEnglish
    Your Computer12/198643ZX Spectrum5 out of 5100-English
    Crash12/198622, 23ZX Spectrum91 out of 10091-English
    ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)01/19878ZX Spectrum8.8 out of 1088
    Stefan SwiergielGerman
    Amtix01/198715 Amstrad CPC88 out of 10088
    Massimo Valducci, Anthony Clarke, Richard EddyEnglish
    Computer + Video Games12/198630, 31ZX Spectrum8.8 out of 1088-English
    Sinclair User02/199164ZX Spectrum87 out of 10087
    Chris JenkinsEnglish
    Commodore User02/198725 C648 out of 1080
    Bill ScoldingEnglish
    Popular Computin Weekly30.11/198623ZX Spectrum4 out of 580Paul SvycarskyEnglish
    Micro Hobby12/198614, 15ZX Spectrum7.5 out of 1075
    Amstradebdo et PC11/26/19865Amstrad CPC15 out of 2075
    Commodore Format02/199128C6473 out of 100 73-English
    Crash02/199162ZX Spectrum73 out of 10073
    Nick RobertsEnglish
    Tilt03/198726C6414 out of 2070
    Your Sinclair12/198653ZX Spectrum7 out of 1070-English
    Zzap!02/198728C6468 out of 10068
    Happy Computer Sonderheft 17198646C6468 out of 10068
    Gregor Neumann, Boris Schneider-JohneGerman
    Zzap!03/199157C6462 out of 10062
    Computer + Video Games03/199170C6461 out 10061
    ZX Computing01/198745ZX Spectrum---English
    Amstar01/198741Amstrad CPC--

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