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    Firiona Vie

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    Firiona Vie is an elven outpost on the southern coast of Antonica.

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    Firiona Vie
    Firiona Vie

    Firiona Vie is the outpost built by the elves of Faydwer and they welcome all good-natured travelers to the newfound continent of Kunark. The outpost itself is on a small island just off the shores of Kunark and is surrounded by a stone wall, making it impenetrable by sea. A single bridge connects the island to the wilds of the forests to the north, making it near impossible for any of Kunark's natural inhabitants, such as frogloks, drolvargs, or drachnids, to invade the city. Firiona Vie's architecture will be immediately recognizable by anyone who has visited the treetop city of Kelethin, for the various shops, homes, and offices all appear to have been plucked from the Greater Faydark. Unbeknown to most, the elves first landed in this region several hundred years ago, but were almost immediately sent home by the armies of frogloks that protected the region in the name of Venril Sathir, the Iksar lich king.

    Firiona Vie
    Firiona Vie

    Two hundred years later, the elves attempted to set up an outpost again, and although they were prepared for the frogloks, they were not prepared for the forest giants that had since moved into the southern parts of Kunark. King Tearis Thex of Felwithe would again send an expedition of elves to Kunark twenty years later, led by Firiona Vie herself. Firiona is known to all as the Champion of Tunare and is also the heir to the throne of Felwithe. Upon their arrival to Kunark, Firiona was kidnapped. King Tearis Thex, heartbroken and enraged, sent an army of immense proportions to Kunark, led by her childhood mentor, Galeth Veredeth, in an attempt to rescue her. This time, the elves were able to establish an outpost once and for all, and named it after the Champion of Tunare. A massive statue of Firiona was built of mithril and marble by the smiths of Kaladim and presented to their friends in honor of their champion. The statue can be seen from miles around and is often the first sight that can be seen from travelers arriving by ship. Sir Veredeth was successful in his endeavor of rescuing Firiona from the clutches of Venril Sathir's minions, and he has chosen to remain in the outpost to this day.

    Many years later, while Norrath's greatest adventurers were chasing down the agents of Discord in the world of Kuua (Omens of War), Lanys T'Vyl led an invasion on the outpost of Firiona Vie. She and her armies, allied with Venril Sathir, marched across the Dreadlands to the southern coast. Firiona Vie and her legions of followers including the barbarians, dwarves, elves, halflings, gnomes, and erudites were unable to defend the outpost, even with the help of the great wizard, Al'Kabor. The survivors of the elven outpost were forced to relocate to a makeshift encampment further down the coast. Whether the outpost was ever reclaimed by the forces of good before the cataclysm that brought about the Age of Destiny and the shattering of Norrath is unknown.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Agents of Mistmoore
    • Cabilis Residents
    • Crusaders of Greenmist
    • Emerald Warriors
    • Frogloks of Kunark
    • Goblins of Cleaving Tooth
    • Goblins of Mountain Death
    • Inhabitants of Firiona Vie
    • The Kromdul
    • Legion of Cabilis
    • Mayong Mistmoore
    • Merchants of Halas
    • Pack of Tomar
    • Pirates of Gunthak
    • Scaled Mystics
    • Shamen of Justice
    • Storm Guard
    • Swift Tails
    • Truespirit
    • Venril Sathir
    • Wolves of the North

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Balik WoftrotBard Songs--
    Basil the SkinnerLeather Armor--
    Brak DaggermistPoison--
    Clarissa HeartweaverCleric Spells--
    Dionin Needlespin-Tailoring-
    Dom PathfinderBags--
    Drake Mountainstorm-Jewelry-
    Drizel MaxtonCleric Spells--
    Gaxx's WeaponsWeapons, Chain Armor, Plate Armor-Oven, Forge
    Glinya SweetpieFood, WaterBaking-
    Jessica Winter-Fletching-
    Marlyn McMerin-Alchemy-
    Samitha LightheartDruid Spells, PotionsOven, Pottery Wheel-
    Samson's TavernAlcoholBrewingBrew Barrel
    Swiftarrow's InstrumentsBard Supplies--
    Shelae WolfkinShaman Spells--
    Wellford FarginBank--

    Guild Halls

    Caster's GuildEnchanters, Magicians, Wizards-
    Cathedral of FortitudePaladinsGeneral Veredeth
    Emerald WarriorsWarriorsCaptain Nealith
    Faydark's ChampionsRangersCaptain Keatar
    Scouts of TunareRoguesLieutenant Feardeep


    Notable NPCs

    • Ancient Jarsath
    • Firiona Vie
    • Foloal Stormforest
    • Nadia Starfeast
    • Red Eye Jack
    • Tiblner Milnik
    • Vekis

    Notable Items

    • Flowing Black Robe
    • Gunthak Harpoon

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