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    First Game Shown on a Platform

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    The first game publicly shown for an upcoming platform.

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    The first game shown on a console or handheld is simply the first game publicly revealed in any way. This could be a trailer, a press event, or even a magazine exclusive. The game might even be revealed before the console was. For example, Watch Dogs was shown in 2012 before Sony or Microsoft had announced the PS4 or Xbox One.

    MacThrough the Looking GlassJan 24, 1984
    Philips CD-iABC Sports Presents: The Palm Springs OpenJuly 7, 1991Press Event
    Nintendo 64Super Mario 64
    Game Boy Color
    Neo Geo Pocket Color
    PlayStation 2Gran Turismo 2000May 13, 1999E3 1999
    XboxHalo: Combat EvolvedJuly 21, 1999MacWorld
    GameCube Super Smash Bros. Melee May 15, 2001 E3 2001
    Game Boy Advance
    Nintendo DSSuper Mario 64 DSMay 10, 2004E3 2004
    PlayStation PortableDeath Jr.
    Xbox 360Dark Sector
    PlayStation 3

    Dark Sector

    Nintendo Wii

    Red Steel

    April 11, 2006Press Release
    iPhoneSuper Monkey BallMar 6, 2008iPhone SDK Reveal
    iPadESPN X-Games SnoCrossJan. 27, 2010iPad Reveal
    Nintendo 3DSKid Icarus: UprisingJune 15, 2010E3 2010
    PlayStation VitaKillzone MercenaryJan 27, 2011NGP Reveal Event
    Wii UNew Super Mario Bros. UJune 7, 2011E3 2011
    Xbox OneWatch DogsJune 4, 2012E3 2012
    PlayStation 4KnackFeb 20, 2013PlayStation Meeting
    Nintendo SwitchThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildJune 10, 2014E3 2014*
    Apple TVGalaxy on Fire 3 - ManticoreSep 9, 2015Apple Special Event
    Xbox Series XHalo InfiniteJune 10, 2018E3 2018
    PlaydateCrankin presents Time Travel AdventureMay 22, 2019
    PlayStation 5GodfallDec 12, 2019Video Game Awards

    *Zelda was shown before Switch was known to exist because it was a Wii U game. The first Switch exclusive shown at the reveal event was 1-2-Switch.


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