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In most first person games, the map is usually accessed via the paused menu system. But in a few cases, the map is something the character interacts with directly in-game, Looking at it with a first-person view.

  • Far Cry 2 is the clearest example of this, where the map comes up and takes the place of any weapon the player has equipped. The game does not pause, and players can still move around the game world while holding the map. This style of map reading was also used in Darkest of Days and Minecraft.
  • In Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas, the map is accessed via the Pip-Boy 3000, which is a device that is attached to the forearm of the character. When the player wants to look at the map, the character lifts his arm up to the screen.
  • In Miasmata map is integral part of the game mechanics. Instead of having complete map of the area, player has to fill the map himself. To do this, game has triangulation mechanic that uses known landmarks that player may use to determine his current location and fill his surroundings on the map. Player still has to locate the unknown landmarks using triangulation. There are also partial general maps of different areas but these can't be used to locate the player on the map.

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