"Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise" Coming to the west with dual audio.

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Otherwise known as the FOTNS game made by the Yakuza team. This version will apparently have 'Extra Carnage' which is what you'd want from FOTNS, and it's coming October 2. Meaning there will have been 3 Yakuza esque games this year. (I'm not complaining)

But what I didnt expect was dual audio, which is a nice surprise. I'll probably still stick with Japanese since it features a lot of familiar voices from the Yakuza cast but it's a smart choice to include it.

The only experience I have with this franchise are those Omega Force games which werent great, but i've always been interested in the universe, if not enough to watch the anime(s).

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So happy it's getting a western release and with dual audio even better. Looks like a lot more blood and gore than the Japanese version too? So pre ordering the hell out of this

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#4 Posted by TheChris (368 posts) -

The game is basically a Yakuza game ala Ishin and Kenzan, there is no way I’m using the dubbed audio when I have Takaya Kuroda and the rest of Yakuza gang voicing the characters.

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