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    A commanding officer from the Advance Wars series in the Black Hole Army. Known more for his brutality than his intelligence. He's constantly chewed out by his superiors for his mistakes.

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    Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

    Flak is a Black Hole commanding officer first introduced in Advance Wars 2. He's easily identified by his sheer size and distinct helmet. He lacks the intelligence and patience for strategy, preferring to smash (or crush) his enemies with sheer power. His reckless command causes all his troops to deal unreliable damage, sometimes less or more than they really should. His CO Powers, Brute Force and Barbaric Blow, increase the damage his forces may or may not inflict.
    CO Stats:
    • 15% and -10% dispersion (Flak's units may do more or less damage than normal)
    • CO Power: Brute Force, 40% and -20% dispersion, 110% defense
    • Super CO Power: Barbaric Blow, 80% and -30% dispersion, 110% defense

    Advance Wars 2 Campaign

    In the campaign mode, Flak is tasked with conquering Orange Star where he comes up against the resistance of Andy, Max, and Sami. He develops a grudge with Max because of their similarities as gung-ho strongmen, going as far to ignore orders to pursue a personal vendetta. Through his countless mistakes and mishandling equipment he's pushed out of the country and takes on a support role (occasionally exchanging dialogue) with other Black Hole commanders. The last mission where he appears as an enemy is "Silo Scramble" in Yellow Comet.

    Advance Wars: Dual Strike

    Flak also appears in Dual Strike as an unlockable CO but does not take part in the campaign mode. He has a tag break with Lash referencing their poor sense of teamwork in Advance Wars 2.
    CO Stats:
    •  25% and -10% dispersion
    • CO Power: Brute Force- 50% and -20% dispersion. 110% to attack and defense.
    • Super CO Power: Barbaric Blow- 90% and -40% dispersion. 110% to attack and defense.
    • Tag Breaks: Lash- Bruise Cruise, 110%. 


    • In the North American release of Advance Wars 2, Flak incorrectly identifies Bombers as indirect combat units in the mission Flak Attack. This was fixed in other versions.

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