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Flame Mammoth is a maverick repliod allied with Sigma after becoming infected with the Sigma virus. His area is the Prototype Weapons Plant.

He can attack X by shooting oil and flames from his trunk, while jumping around the stage, whereupon landing, can stun x if he is standing on the ground. the ground itself is a conveyor belt capable of moving in 2 directions.

he is weak to Storm Eagle's Strom Tornado.

WeaponGet Ability

Flame Mammoth gives the Fire wave when beaten, which is a short flamethrower. when the weapon is charged, a burst of fire is relesed on the ground moving forward until the terrain changes or moves offscreen.


if he is hit with Boomer Kuwanger'Boomerang Cutter, his trunk is cut off, and he can no longer throw oil or fire at you.

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