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Flamelurker is nothing more than a guardian for the entrance to the great Dragon Hall. Flamelurker can be one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) bosses in the game. His attacks cover large areas, he can leap great distances, and he rarely ever breaks his sprint. Not to mention he's made of fire.

How He Attacks

  • If close, he'll try to pull off a very damaging clawing attack. This could turn into a two-claw combo if you stay close for too long.
  • Any other distance, and he'll run at you full speed. When he gets close enough, he will do a running fire slam (hard to avoid, heavy damage). He may also do a double-handed ground-pound. This takes him awhile to charge up, and is signaled by him grunting loudly. He can also just do a quicker, narrower one-handed strike.
  • When he's taken enough damage, he will start to do another attack. He will grunt loudly while bent over. This is to signal that he's about to leap at you. His leap is quick, and if not dodged, will stun you to make it hard to escape his incoming charge-slam.
  • When his health falls below 30%, the flames surrounding his body will become far wilder, and his attacks will start to come a lot more frequently. He will do his leap attack almost every chance he gets.

How He's Defeated

There are a few different ways you can go about defeating Flamelurker. Ranged and spell characters have the upper hand here, as there are several points in the map that Flamelurker will get stuck in, allowing you to pelt him with bolts/arrows/spells.


  • At the left of the room, you will see a large set of Dragon Bone Ribs.
  • Get Flamelurker to start one of his attacks, then use the time to run behind the ribs.
  • From here just unleash your stock of bolts/arrows/spells on him. It's important to note that at lower levels, you will likely need around a hundred arrows or more to take him down.
  • You're not completely safe here, either.
  • He will sometimes do a sidestep and find his way through the ribs. When this happens, just run back out, doing your best to dodge all his attacks, then run back behind the ribs when you get the chance. His jumping attack can also allow him to get close enough to harm you.
  • At 30% health or lower, he moves a lot faster and jumps more often, so it's best to be very diligent and always be ready to run away.


  • Equip Sticky White Stuff to one of your quick-use slots, as coating your weapon in this greatly increases the damage you do to Flamelurker.
  • Go ahead and use Sticky White Stuff before you enter the Fog Gate. It only lasts one minute, but if this is your first time fighting Flamelurker, you may have trouble finding appropriate time to use it again.
  • Enter the Fog Gate.
  • He's going to charge you. Run to his side and away. Wait for his attack.
  • When he attacks, you need to run behind him or to his side as fast as possible and just attack. He will likely be stunned for a moment. You may risk another quick attack here, but it is recommended that you don't if you have a slightly slower weapon.
  • Quickly run or roll away, as he is likely to swipe at you, dealing heavy damage.
  • Repeat this technique, hiding behind the ribs to the far left of the room when you need to re-use your Sticky White Stuff, or if you just need to cool off.
  • When he starts to jump at you, make sure you don't move as he's charging up. As soon as he leaps, dive directly at him, as this will avoid his range of mid-air rotation.
  • Quickly attack him, as his landing will give you a moment to attack. Then roll or run away as usual.
  • When his health gets really low (30% or lower), you need to brush off the initial shock of his altered state and just keep going as usual.
  • Being more cautious here will usually result in a quicker death, as his jumps are more frequent, and the more time you spend running away, the more time you have to mess up.
  • Try your best to deal the most damage you can per combo at this point.
  • If your timing is right, and if you have learned his patterns well, he will be dead before long.

What He Drops


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