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    Flash Man

    Character » appears in 11 games

    A robot master from Mega Man 2. His weapon is the Time Stopper.

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    Flash Man is one of Dr. Wily's original Robot Masters in Mega Man 2.  His primary feature is his Time Stopper, which, as the name states, stops time, giving him time to shoot unopposed.  When Mega Man retrieves the weapon, the effect is the same, but the difference is he cannot attack at all while time is stopped.  The only exception to this is Quick Man, whose health deteriorates slowly while the Flash Stopper is in effect.  Moreover, once time is stopped, it can't be un-stopped until its weapon energy is completely drained.  

    Like every other Robot Master in the game, Flash Man makes his appearance in Mega Man 3 in a Doc Robot and has the exact same moves used there. 

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