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    FlashMan is a WWW male NetNavi, and possesses electric and hypnotic powers. His operator is Rei Saiko.

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    FlashMan is a WWW Navi, and the first boss in MegaMan Battle Network 3. His operator is Rei Saiko.

    Battle Network 3

    When FlashMan and his operator are stealing a TetraCode from Lan's school Lan's friends enter the room, searching for Dex's homework disk. FlashMan hypnotizes them using his Hypno Flash. Lan finds an umbrella to protect himself from the hypnotic rays, and manages to jack MegaMan into the computer. MegaMan proceeds to defeat FlashMan, who self-destructs, leaving MegaMan glitched.

    Battle Chip

    FlashMan's Battle Chip is electric based, and can be obtained from his ghost in ACDC Area 3. when he is summoned, he stops time and generates an electric flash that shocks all enemies on screen.

    • FlashMan F - Elec - 50
    • FlashManV2 F - Elec - 70
    • FlashManV3 F - Elec - 90
    • FlashManV4 F - Elec - 110 (Hidden)


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