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Fletus (pronounced fleet-us) appears at various points around the world of

Brütal Legend

and when encountered,


can challenge him to checkpoint races. There are seven races in total, all of them involving Fletus racing against Eddie in his car, The Squealer. He is more of a rival to Eddie than an actual enemy and the two often taunt each other about their racing abilities. He has a

Scottish accent

and despite being a


, Fletus makes it clear to Eddie at one point that he is not part of the

Tainted Coil

. After Eddie completes the final racing mission, Fletus declares that Eddie has truly won against him and due to the code of his people he is forced to reward Eddie a prize. He gives Eddie squealer sauce, an upgrade for his car which increases the power of the


and shortens the


for it. Eddie seems thankful for Fletus' gift but Fletus also tells him that the code of his people also means that one day Fletus must take revenge against him, however Eddie jokes that knowing Fletus, he will be slow in doing so.


Fletus' clothing style and love of cars were inspired by the AC/DC lead singer, Brian Johnson. His strange appearance and unusual hotrod were inspired by the work of cartoonist Ed Roth, whose work was also the inspiration for the character Glottis from Grim Fandango, another Tim Schafer game. Fletus was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. However casting Fletus as Scottish was actually a mistake, Brian Johnson is from the north of England from a City called Newcastle. The accent he has is called a Geordie accent, which could be confused as Scottish to people outside of the UK who aren't familiar with the north east of England.


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