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    Flickit Control

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    In skateboarding games, the Flickit control scheme allows players to control their board and perform tricks with an analog stick rather than the previous standard of button combinations.

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    The original Skate introduced this intuitive control scheme and revolves around using the analog sticks to perform tricks, spins, flips and manuals with little use of the buttons. This differs greatly with the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series which largely used arbitrary inputs for complex techniques.

    This works by using directions inputted through the right analog stick to crouch which can be either down to do Ollie/Jump or up to do Nollie tricks (off the nose of the board) and flicking in the opposite direction.

    As a result of how far and long down the analog stick is held, the height of the Ollie/Nollie can be determined while the direction the analog is flicked - which includes some fighting game command-esque directions - to do specific tricks.

    Spins are done through the left analog stick while flips can be accessed by using the same analog stick in accordance with a trigger button to grab the board (the left trigger serves as the left hand and vice versa - both can be used together). Specialized grabs can be accessed while holding the board with a single hand and using the right analog to "tweak" the grab and finally manuals can be done by lightly tilting the right analog stick forward or backward while balancing.

    While the Skate franchise is famous for introducing the "Flickit" control scheme which as they proclaim on their website brings an end to the "days of button mashing", there are prior ones using similar control schemes which resemble it such as the second and third games in the Jak & Daxter franchise with the JET-Board.


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