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Steam has Flight Control HD

Flight Control is yet another of those high selling IOS games. Firemint, the developers of this game realised that this would work fine on a PC/MAC and mouse well and made a HD version for Steam. Game got thrown straight away to Steam's infamous sales. And made lot's of suckers to be a 5min virtual air traffic controller. Like the undersigned here.

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Premiss here is very simple. Player is control of a air strip, or few to be accurate. Different types of planes are flying in from different directions. These planes must be guided to their correct air strip field. This is displayed by colour matching the plain and the strip. Mouse is used to draw a free line between the plane and the airstrip. Very simplistic and genius idea. Comes very challenging and addictive when more planes are coming and new lines need to be created to avoid collisions. Which will happen. Often. Each planes route can be modified at any time. 

Only deviation to this standard formula are the levels where a fixed route plain is flying in. Meaning occasionally a plane with a fixed route is coming which can not be altered. Only other difference is in form of the trick level where certain planes must be guided via buoy's to get higher landing multiplier.

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Presentation is very basic. Only a simplistic 2D over view is shown. The planes showing no animation besides the landing animation. Colour theme is very bright in game and on the UI. With the single instrumental song, game give's out a very light 50's airline feel.  

Besides the 12 Steam Achievement there isn't so much depth here. Other than the Steam Leaderboard which lets you track your score against your friendlist or a global list. Very casual game thanks to it very easy learning curve.  Or as my wife described: A very cute game. 

Two stars out of five is not reflection on how bad this game. Rather how much of a game it is. Only 10 maps won't last long and while the game can get addicting it is probably not so exciting that one would keep coming back to it.    

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