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    Flight of the Amazon Queen

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released October 1995

    A point and click adventure game, similarly styled to many of Lucas Arts' adventure games and now available as Freeware with support on the ScummVM engine.

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    Originally released by Interactive Binary Solutions in 1995 for the Amiga and MS-DOS, and then later re-released as firmware in 2004 for ScummVM, Flight of the Amazon Queen is a point and click adventure game similar in style to The Secret of Monkey Island, of which it was originally inspired by.


    The plot follows a very "pulp-esque" theme, with the usual "boy meets girl, girl gets lost, boy saves girl" type storyline that only gets more and more bizarre the further you play through. Based in 1949, the lead character, Joe King is the pilot of the "Amazon Queen" which crash lands in the Amazon jungle and it's up to Joe to save both his passenger, the one and only movie star Faye Russel, but also an entire tribe of Amazonian women from a twisted plot involving an evil mastermind and... lederhosen.

    Freeware Release

    In 2004, the game was re-released as Freeware with support for ScummVM, allowing it to be used on any device that supports the use of this engine. Of recent years, this also includes the ability to play this game on handheld devices and even the iPhone. released a packaged version of the game for Mac OS on their service in September 2013.


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