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This game is an 8-bit styled "endless runner" in which you are tasked to outrun an interstellar shockwave using creative deceleration, collecting mini-stars, and engaging your warp drive.


From the start of the game, Flip automatically moves forward and left to right on his own. Using touch controls, you can tap to stop Flip's lateral movement and slow his forward movement. During this slowed period, the shockwave behind you approaches faster and nearby mini stars move faster. By slowing at the proper time, you can better grab stars. Touching the approaching shockwave destroys Flip and ends the game.

As you move forward, you must also avoid directly colliding with stationary asteroids. Orbiting around the asteroids are mini-stars which you need to boost your shields and activate your warp drive. Shields can protect you from one collision with an asteroid, but half your ability activate warp drive. Once you collect enough stars, warp drive will engage granting you temporary invulnerability and a massive boost in speed. During warp you can rapidly tap the screen to increase your speed and distance traveled. Once warp disengages, you return to normal play and must acquire more stars to re-engage warp.

In-Game Shop

Using diamonds, the in-game currency, you can purchase various things for Flip from the shop to help ease his journey.


500Nose Cone DrillSurvive 1 asteroid collision. Consumable.
800Star MagnetsAttract 5 missed stars. Consumable.
1000Speed InhibitorReduce maximum speed. Stackable.
1000Speed BoosterIncrease minimum speed. Stackable.


50,000The FareEarn 1 diamond for every 10 lightyears traveled.
100,000The TrailerTriple consumable storage capacity.


200,000Cactus HullPretty and just a bit prickly.
300,000Ninja HullShrouded in the blackness of space.

In-Game Purchases

Using real money currency via the iTunes Store, you can make in-game purchases of diamonds from "the mines" to buy items from the shop.


Price (in USD)ItemAmount (in Diamonds)
$0.99Small Gem Pack15,000
$1.99Medium Gem Pack50,000
$2.99Large Gem Pack150,000
$4.99Huge Gem Pack500,000

Game Center Achievements

There are 20 in-game achievements in Apple's Game Center format. Those achievements are:

  • Travel 5,000 lightyears.
  • Travel 10,000 lightyears.
  • Travel 25,000 lightyears.
  • Travel 50,000 lightyears.
  • Travel 100,000 lightyears.
  • Travel 250,000 lightyears.
  • Jump to warp 5 times.
  • Jump to warp 10 times.
  • Jump to warp 25 times.
  • Jump to warp 50 times.
  • Jump to warp 100 times.
  • Jump to warp 250 times.
  • Purchased all 3 Speed Inhibitors in the shop.
  • Purchased all 3 Speed Boosters in the shop.
  • Purchase The Fare in the shop.
  • Purchase The Trailer in the shop.
  • Purchase an additional hull.
  • Buy out every item in the Shop.
  • Thanks for playing (and checking out the Credits)!


This game is available for download on the iTunes App Store as a universal paid release that works for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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