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National Pokedex No. # 419 
Species: Sea Weasel Pokemon 
Type: Water 
Ability: Swift Swim 
Height: 3'07" 
Weight: 73.9 lbs 
Males have two cream spots on there backs and females only have one. 
They can be found in swift-moving rivers. 

Evolutionary Line 

Floatzel is the evolve form of Buizel starting at level 26. 

Pokedex Entry

Diamond: It floats using a well-developed flotation sac. It assists in the rescues of drowning people. 
Pearl: Its flotation sac developed as a result of pursuing aquatic prey. It can double as a rubber raft. 
Platinum: It is a common sight around fishing ports. it is known to rescue people and carry off prey. 
HeartGold/SoulSilver: With its flotation sac inflated, it can carry people on its back. It deflates the sac before it dives.

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