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    Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Feb 14, 1987

    A platformer/fighter game in which a young martial artist named Ryuhi must recover several stolen scrolls by fighting in duels. It is the second game in the Hiryu no Ken/Flying Dragon franchise.

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    Flying Dragon: Secret of the Scroll is actually the second Hiryū no Ken (the name of the series in Japan) title, the first being Shanghai Kid (or Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken in Japan). Like that game, there is an in-depth (for the time) fighting system that includes combos and hitting the opponent's weak spot when indicated for significant damage. Likewise, the player must be sure to block their own weak points once highlighted to prevent the same happening to them.

    The game is noted for its abundance of exposition cutscenes, told through talking heads. These explain the fighting system in great detail as well as provide further elaboration on the story: That important teaching scrolls were stolen from Ryuhi's master Juan and need to be recovered, before the ultimate move - the titular Hiryuu no Ken (lit: Fist of the Flying Dragon) - can fall into the wrong hands.


    As well as the duels with other martial artists, which play very much like those in Shanghai Kid, Flying Dragon: Secret of the Scroll also introduces scrolling brawler sequences to the series, which take place on the road between each duel contest. There are various low-level goons that try to stand in Ryuhi's way, as well as a few recurring sub-bosses such as a shuriken-wielding purple-haired girl. Reaching the end of each stage will either lead to another scrolling stage or one of the many big fights of the game.


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